¥ (Yuan) Sign showing up in Command Prompt Instead of Slash

Since the last update, the Command Prompt has been showing my user PATH as C:¥Users¥Utkarsh opposed to the normal C:\Users\Utkarsh. Though not a big deal since everything is working fine, it’s a little weird to look at. What’s astonishing is that normal backslashes are still functioning in the command line. I decided to look a little into it and found […]

Stop Telemetry Adobe Acrobat Extension in Chrome from Installing Automatically

adobe acrobat telemetry

The most recent edition of the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader automatically injects an extension on your Chrome browser. And, that extension comes with Telemetry. The extension will be automatically installed alongside the Acrobat reader’s update. If you aren’t aware of what it does, you might even allow it to work in the background.  If you […]

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