Check Windows 10 Update Download Speed with GlassWire

Windows 10 downloads updates quite regularly. In fact, for some people, the updates happen every day because of failures. This can cause data loss, system instability, and other mishaps. You don’t want that. Along with these problems, the one major thing is that the updates can sometimes take up all your bandwidth, rendering your internet useless.

For those of you who have poor internet connections can understand that. While the windows updates are downloading, your internet just stops working. I’ve got a 4MBps connection and every 2 weeks when Microsoft releases some update, I have to spend a few hours waiting for them to download.

I don’t have a solution to your slow internet, but I’m here to tell you how can monitor your Windows 10 update download speed.

A tool you can use to check the update download speed is Glasswire. It has a firewall which can monitor the apps that are using the internet on your computer. It even shows you the hosts to which they are connecting to. This is really useful to know when you know that the internet is live, but isn’t really working.

You might say that Windows Task manager also shows the speeds at which something is downloading on your computer. So, why use a 3rd party tool like GlassWire?update-download-speed-task-manager

Before I tell you why just head over to the Task manager on your computer and open the Performance tab. Select Ethernet or Wi-Fi to which you are connected. The thing you will notice is that, though it is showing you the internet usage, the data is not very useful. There is no information about what app or process is actually using the bandwidth. Or whom the app is connecting to.

Even in the Processes tab, you can sort the apps by Network usage, but still, you won’t get the proper listing of which apps are using what data. This is where you need a tool like GlassWire. It is free to use, though there is a paid version too, you don’t need that for checking Windows update download speed.


Now, look at the GlassWire app. In the Firewall Tab, you can see an app listed “Host process for Windows services”. This is the one responsible for downloading Windows updates. When Windows is actually downloading them, GlassWire will show you what speed they are downloading with. In addition to that, you can also see which Hosts the app is trying to connect while downloading stuff. As you can see in the screenshot, Nvidia is trying to send some analytics to Google even though I have not enabled analytics on my PC. Quite shady, IMO. Similarly, you can see the network usage of all the apps installed on your PC.


You can download Glasswire on your PC from their official website. It is also available on Steam.


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