Disable Chromecast Notification in Facebook Android App

Last Updated on November 7, 2016

Since the last update, the Facebook for Android app has been showing this persistent Chromecast notification to the users. The notification says that “Cast Device Not Connected” with no further explanation on what to do. There are two buttons: ‘Play’ and ‘close’ buttons below the message, but they don’t do anything either.

Since the notification is persistent, you can’t just swipe it out of the notification screen as then normal ones. Since the notification is from the Facebook Android app, force closing the app closes the notification.

This is, however, not really beneficial because force closing the Facebook app will stop all the notifications from it and not only the Chromecast one. If you are running v100. of the Facebook app on your phone, then this is the culprit.

To fix this problem, you have three options.

  1. use an alternative facebook app,
  2. use m.facebook.com mobile website, or
  3. switch to the beta version of the Facebook app using the Play Store.

Best alternative Facebook app

The official app from facebook is a bloated mess. There is too much stuff in it that you don’t need. It also hogs the RAM and takes a lot of CPU time on your phone. The app size isn’t great either with it using > 200MB of storage. There are three alternative apps that you can use in the place of the official one.

Swipe for Facebookswipe-facebook

Swipe is smaller, faster and has all the features of the official app. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t track everything you do on your phone, unlike the official app. It’s also a really nice looking app. If you know about Swipe, there is really no reason to use the official app on your phone.

Facebook Litefb-lite-android

This is the official smaller and lighter version of the official facebook app. It isn’t really bloated like the full app and has a few functions cut out. However, if you are a regular FB user, there is nothing that you will miss by using the lite version.

Facebook Betafb-app-android

Facebook beta is an alternative version of the official app which doesn’t have this annoying Chromecast notification in it. Uninstall the currently installed app from your phone and replace it with this beta version. It has all the functionality of the official app along with a few new features here and there.

FB mobile websitefb-mobile-website

Last but not the least, you caan use m.facebook.com for browsing the website. It has all the functionality minus the crapware that the official app puts in their app. Since the app won’t be running on your phone while using the mobile website, you won’t see the Chromecast notification regularly.

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