Enable login from command prompt in Windows 10

Last Updated on December 4, 2022

In Windows 10, you can enable a secret login screen consisting of just the command prompt (console). It is plain and bland compared to the new lock screen that Windows 10 has by default, but at least it doesn’t get blacked out on your face. You can enable this login screen on your PC by using the command prompt to edit a registry key. If you regularly tinker with your system, it’s boring stuff.

Windows 10
hidden login windows 10

What this edit does is that it hides the original lock screen that Windows 10 comes with. And to log in to your computer, you need to enter your credentials inside a loginUI command window. This is not a new awesome ‘thing’ that Microsoft has done just in Windows 10. In fact, this type of login screen is a standard way for administrators to work with the server editions of Windows OS. You can look at how this looks in the screenshot below from thecollectionbook.info.

Enable hidden login screen in Windows 10

  • Open the registry editor by typing Regedit in Run.
  • Follow the following folder hierarchy:

  • While the TestHooks key is highlighted, right-click on the right area and go to New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Give that value the name of ConsoleMode and set it to 1 (enabled). It should now look something like the image below.
hidden login windows 10 au
  • Close all running programs on your PC and then sign out of your session by clicking on Start > “Your name”>  Sign out.

Now, your old sign-in screen is gone for good. You can only see a simple black screen with a login prompt for your username and password. Of course, it is possible that most of you won’t like this change to your PC. In this case, you must remove the ConsoleMode value from the TestHooks key inside the registry. To do this, head over to the same registry key I mentioned above, right-click on ConsoleMode and select Delete. Confirm deletion, and you are good to go. The older login screen will be restored.

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2 thoughts on “Enable login from command prompt in Windows 10”

  1. Close all running programs on your PC and then sign out of your session by clicking on Start > “Your name”> Sign out. I was able to follow the instructions up to this point. I don’t have a start to click on. I did it all over and again and the ConsoleMode I inserted was not there (no saved?)

  2. After done all process .. command window flash so many Times.i can’t enter password on that window.. give me solution for that


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