Fix Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate Mac OSX Error

Last Updated on July 28, 2017

Chrome users may have seen Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate error while browsing websites. This error is exclusive to Mac users and doesn’t show up for Windows version of Chrome.

Now, before actually fixing the “Expired DigiCert Certificate” in Chrome, let’s learn what this error is about. Let’s get started.

You might have seen some web sites starting with http and others with https. If not, then take a look at the address bar of your browser right now. The current address of this post starts with http. If you head over to Google’s homepage, you’ll see the URL start from https. HTTP is an application protocol which allows the internet to work with hypertext (HTML).

Most of the websites on the Internet use HTTP and will continue to do so. Some websites, however, have adopted HTTPS where the ‘S’ stands for Secure. As the name suggests, HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP.

Now, that’s not to say that all websites using HTTPS are safe and the others not using it aren’t. Things are a little more complicated than that. Basically what HTTPS does is enables encryption of your data so that any 3rd party on your network or in between the website and its server aren’t able to mess with your data.

The data such as emails, passwords and credit card information is highly confidential, and you wouldn’t want just anyone getting their hands on them. HTTPS secures that data for you and keeps you from getting conned.

By default, websites work with http. Enabling https on a website is a big task on its own for the maintainer of the website. A website dealing with confidential information like your personal data and other important stuff needs to have https enabled. A blog like errorfixer doesn’t necessarily need to have that because you aren’t putting any data in it.

To enable https, the website owner needs to buy a certificate of authenticity which validates the originality of the website. This is where DigiCert comes from. DigiCert is a company which allows people or organizations to buy https certificates.

This certificate has a limited validity depending on for how long the website owner has brought it. If that validity is expired, you will get Expired DigiCert Certificate error in Mac OSX. This DigiCert Expired error will show up as long as the website owner renews their DigiCert Certificate.

Fixing DigiCert Certificated Expired Error in Mac Computers

Fortunately, You can fix this error on your Mac OSX laptop by simply following these steps.

  • On your Mac computer, go to Spotlight search and type Keychain Access.
  • The top result will be Keychain Access. Click on it to open the Keychain Access app.
  • Click on View Show Expired Certificates on the top of the screen. You will be taken to a screen with lots of certificates.
  • Use the search on the top-right of the screen to find DigiCert High and press the Enter key.
  • Look for Expired DigiCert High Assurance Root CA. Click on it and press the Delete Key.
  • Do this for all the expired certificates you see in the list.
  • Restart your Mac Computer.

After restarting, you will not get the DigiCert Certificate Expired error on your Mac computer.

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