Fix DirectX Crashing Issue in COD Modern Warfare 2019

Fix DirectX Crashing Issue in COD Modern Warfare – The open-beta and private access ended sometime back, people were pretty happy with the overall performance and gameplay altogether. The full release is on October 25th and this will be way different compared to the beta release, probably furnished. But, AAA titles have a reputation of having issues on release, but these are fixed with time. Open beta had several problems, even with RTX 2070 with Core i7 8700, I was lagging and stuttering in Ground War.

Click here if you’re getting Dev Errors in Modern Warfare.

In this article, we’ll find out how to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare DirectX issues. The developers know about this issue as people have been posting them on Reddit and the MW forums, and should be fixed within a few hours or days.

Fix DirectX Crashing Issue

The game is throwing up different dev errors related to DirectX upon crashing. There are two things that you can do to fix this

Update Device Drivers

Whenever a new game makes it’s arrival, especially when it’s a AAA title, Nvidia is known for pushing their optimized updates for the best performance with their graphic cards. I am not sure about AMD because I’ve never used an AMD card. Below are the links for downloading the latest drivers.

Update: Nvidia has already released a full-fledged optimization update for this game. You can fire up Geforce experience and get the update right away.

Update DirectX Drivers

Since this is a DirectX related issue, your current driver version might be incompatible with the game leading to crashes.

Go to this page and download the latest version of DirectX and install it. Start running the game after that and your problem should be fixed.

If these two options didn’t work out for you then I’d recommend you wait for the hotfix update that should be pushed out by the devs. The developers are aware of the problems and are already looking into it.

Updated: October 28, 2019 — 1:02 am


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  1. For anyone with the ASUS ROG STRIX 1080TI Graphics Card- I found that I get the directx error ONLY while the ASUS GPU TWEAK monitoring software is running, after closing that everything works properly. Not sure if that comes with other GC’s but Worth a shot if you have that software.

    1. joey…that totally worked!!! thanks!!!

    2. My friend got the “dev error 7651 directx encountered an unrecoverable error” resolved by closing gpu tweak II. Seems to be with all/most asus GPUs running gpu tweak II.

  2. You are now my best friend ty IT WORKED

  3. What helped me a lot personally was to set the Menu Max FPS to 30. Fixed all of my problems.

  4. its still happening to me any new info i paid 60 dollars to play the game and i cant PLAY THE GAME im so mad does the devs ACTUALLY know about this

  5. I think I found another temporary fix for this. I have AMD Drivers and normally when you go to update the driver you have to reinstall your driver from AMD as well but instead of doing this just update your driver in Device Manager and start up the game, normally when you would go to install the new driver system from their website as well the game would crash. If you only update the driver in device manager for some reason the game doesnt crash anymore! You guys are welcome, if your reading this and you guys are interested in gaming please go take a quick look at my youtube channel @DarickThaGawd, you might like what you see!

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