Fix GameBarPresenceWriter Application error in Windows 10

Last Updated on February 18, 2017

I have been getting a few errors from the XBOX app while playing games. The error goes something like “The instruction at 0x00007CCA93F63698 referenced memory at 0x00007CCA84EF3040. The memory could not be read.

The numbers could be different for your PC, but the error will mean the same. This shows an alert box with OK button. Clicking OK closes the game and nothing happens after that. This basically means that the games don’t run.

Since the error code shown is in reference to the memory specific to my PC, I wasn’t really able to find the culprit for its cause. I solved of course, after realizing that this was due to the XBOX DVR.

Until recently, I wasn’t even aware that this is a thing. Nevertheless, I don’t use it, and its causing issues. This is a real frustrating issue because the apps using the XBOX app integration aren’t really made to be run without it.

There is no point in uninstalling the app too because it might just get reinstalled in the next update. So, that will also remain a temporary fix. Here’s a more concrete one.

GameBarPresenceWriter Application error is caused by XBOX DVR function

It is apparent from the title that the GameBarPresenceWriter application error is caused by the DVR function in the XBOX app. It is basically an app in Windows 10 which allows you to record your gaming sessions for uploading to YouTube and alike.

The games which support it also show a small game bar during their startup.GameBarPresenceWriter xbox windows 10

That is how you can know if a game uses the XBOX app. These games are the same ones which have the probability to show the GameBarPresenceWriter application error on your PC. Here’s how to disable it.

  • Press Windows key and type “xbox“. Open the XBOX app windows 10
  • In the XBOX app, click on the settings icon denoted by a gear. xbox app settings
  • In the Settings, click on Game DVR. Turn it app game dvr

That’s all you need to do. Turning the DVR off will render the recording feature useless. This will ultimately curb the GameBarPresenceWriter application error while playing games. This is at least Microsoft fixes this app.

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5 thoughts on “Fix GameBarPresenceWriter Application error in Windows 10”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this. The Xbox app is useless and quite a waste of resources. I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t utilize its engineer’s time in something useful.

  2. I have done all this and when shutting down my PC after NO GAMES HAVE BEEN PLAYED I still get this error memory leak message — I have had this issue all year and reset my operating system over 20 times this year I have OCD and cannot handle this its gotten to the point Im ready to throw this PC out if its ALL BECAUSE of Microsoft Ill switch to another OS… just tell me thats what needs to be done and Im throwing this PC out!

  3. Ive done the repair – I think Im done with Microsoft were going to check into picking up an Apple PC today but thank you its been 2 long hard years dealing with the things they’ve done and undone – Microsoft just isnt worth the stress and hassle anymore.

    • Oh, no. That’s unfortunate. Let’s hope that your new Apple PC won’t give you this much trouble. Happy computing. Do ask around if you get any trouble with that new PC of yours.


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