Hindi Font For MS Word Download and Installation Tutorial

Last Updated on July 28, 2017

Hindi is a commonly used language in most parts of North India. If you want to type something in Hindi in MS Word, then you’ll need to install Hindi font on your PC. But, before that, you’ll need to download those fonts. If you are having any problem in finding and installing Hindi fonts on your PC, then this guide will help you with everything.

Fonts come in a lot of formats. The most common ones are TTF (True Type Fonts), OTF (Open Type Fonts), WOFF (Web Open Font Format) and much more. If you download fonts from anywhere, it will come in these extensions most of the time.

Note: Fonts mostly come in ttf format. Always check the extension of the file that you download from the Internet. A lot of scammy websites trick you into installing malware ridden exe files while searching for Fonts. Make sure to not fall for this. If you are not sure about the authenticity of a file, use Virus total to know how safe it is.

Step #1: Download the Hindi Font

Go to the webtoolhub.com and download Kruti Dev Hindi Font.  The file for this Hindi font is Kruti_Dev_010.ttf. To download the Hindi font, click on the green download button on the right side of the font name. Enter the captcha code to start the download.

Step #2: Install the font on your PC

Once the Kurti Dev Hindi font is on your PC, you can install it. If you are using Chrome, press Ctrl + J to open the chrome://downloads/ page. In the list of all the downloads, click on Kruti_Dev_010.ttf file to open it in the Font Viewer. Click the Install button on the top. Wait a few seconds for the Font to install.

Step #3: Open MS Word and select the Kruti Dev Hindi Font

Now, open MS Word and create a new document. Click on the Home tab and select Kruti Dev 010 from the drop-down list. Change the font size to your liking and start typing.

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