Download the Old mspaint.exe Paint for Windows 10

Last Updated on November 22, 2016

You can download the old mspaint.exe file from here. One question you may ask it that isn’t Paint a built in app?

New Paint 3D

Well, in the new Windows 10 Build 14971, Microsoft has decided to remove the older mspaint.exe to incorporate the new Paint 3D app. Though the official reason has not been given to anyone, it seems likely that the reason for removing the app was to discard the old one.

If you are sad at this change, just keep note that all the Win32 applications are being slowly discarded for the new UWP apps. First the Calculator, then the Live Essentials and now the Paint app. From now, you can expect a lot of the traditional apps pre-installed on Windows to be replaced by their newer and sometimes better counterparts.

The last update to the Windows Paint was in Windows 7 where we got the ribbon interface and addition of nice brushes to draw. The new Paint 3D has many features like support for 3D printing, layers, and transparency.

Of course, you don’t need to only stick to the Paint app. There are alternatives to it like the Paint.NET which is, quite honestly vastly superior and provides a large number of features.

Caution: Be careful while downloading random exe files from the internet. Always make sure to use trusted sources.

On my PC, the hashes for the files are as follows:

MD5: 1c04e6dac695f949f43470010dadd86d

SHA1: c343037e9e845a32ae3a7595f499fcc605e9cee5

Make sure to verify them after downloading.

Read: Calculating MD5 and SHA1 Hashes in Windows 10

If you download the files from the link below, the hashes will be the same as I mentioned above.

Download the Old Paint (mspaint.exe)

Using this standalone program is quite easy. Make a folder inside the C:\Program Files (x86) called as Paint and copy these files there. From there, make a shortcut on the desktop for quick access.

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