Opera Neon Offline Installer Download for Windows and Mac OSX

Last Updated on July 28, 2017

The team behind the famous internet browser Opera has come up with a new concept web browser. It’s called as “Opera Neon Browser”. You can download the Opera Neon Offline Installer from the bottom of this article if you want to try it on your PC.

The Opera Neon browser is available for all the major Operating systems which include Windows, and Mac OSX. You might not know this, but this is the third browser from the team Opera. The first one is Opera, itself. The second is Vivaldi browser, and the third is Opera Neon.

Based on Chromium, Opera Neon features all the security features and advanced browser capabilities that the newest versions of the Open Source Chromium based browsers have.

The Neon Browser uses the Blink engine for rendering web pages which makes shuffling web pages real easy. Even during the first trial, you will surely notice that visiting random websites and jumping from one part of the page to another look and feels quite smooth.

The Opera Neon offline installer doesn’t require installation like other web browsers that you might have used in the past. You only need to download the executable file for your Operating system, and the browser will be installed automatically.

If you use Chrome or Firefox, you might be familiar with the tiled homepage which shows your most visited websites. In Opera Neon, you get this nice bubble which, on clicking opens any of your top visited websites in a small window. You can then minimize this window and open more, or keep on browsing regularly.

Though, the official website of the Neon browser has the installer available for download; it only works with the Internet. That means it’s a small file that downloads the files for this Neon browser. If you are settings up a system without internet, the Opera Neon Offline installer will prove quite useful.

Offline Download Links for Opera Neon



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