Some settings are managed by your organization in Windows 10

Last Updated on February 21, 2017

It is my PC, but some settings are not available for me to edit. They are apparently managed by my organization. Which organization, you ask? Well, dunno! “Some settings are managed by your organization” error is very common in Windows 10.

With Windows 10, MS has now started to stop you from actually configuring your PC to your taste. That doesn’t seem nice or logical in any sense. Nevertheless, after tinkering with a few settings and reading stuff online, I found that this is just how the Settings app works.

Windows 10

Some of the settings which a user account doesn’t have the privileges edit show the notice “Some settings are managed by your organization“. And, of course, you can’t change these settings by default.

Note: This method doesn’t work with Windows 10 Home Edition. Use this guide to fix this error.

Use Group Policy Editor to enable grayed out settings

Fortunately for some people using the pro versions of Windows 10 can use the Group policy editor to change or enable some of these settings. If you are running something else, other than home or pro, you are out of luck here.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I can’t send MS data about my typing speed (which is a good thing, BTW!) are grayed out. There are numerous others throughout the Settings app which I can’t access. Follow the steps below to reclaim these settings.

some settings managed organization

  • Search for Group Policy Editor in the Start menu search.
  • In the left gutter right-click on Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates and select filter options.

settings organization gpedit

  • In the Configured section, click on the drop-down menu and select Yes.

gpedit filter options

  • Now click OK.

Restart your PC to apply the changes. Check the settings app now. All the settings weren’t visible should now be visible.

Roll back the changes done with privacy and telemetry tools

shutup 10 settings

Another culprit for these settings not being available in the Settings app can be the usage of some tool to disable telemetry and privacy options in the OS which I discussed not long ago. Re-enabling feedback and some telemetry options in the settings can sometimes enable these grayed out settings for some people.

Try them out. Of course, after changing the settings according to your needs, you can again disable telemetry to save your personal information from Microsoft.

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  1. Great tool, didn’t knew it existed, is this the more broad in therms of disabling? I want to almost brick my OS


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