“There are other updates in progress.” Windows 10 Update

Last Updated on February 15, 2017

There are other updates in progressThe other day, I got this error saying “There are other updates in progress” while updating Windows 10. This error is quite descriptive as you may have noticed. Windows by itself only install one update at a time. If two processes are trying to install updates at the same time, one of them will fail to install the update.

The solution would have been simple if Microsoft were kind enough to give us control over updates. After three years of Windows 10, we still don’t have granular control over Windows updates. You can’t decide which updates to install when to pause or discard an update altogether.

Fix “There are other updates in progress” error

You can fix “There are other updates in progress” error by resetting Windows update cache and then installing updates from scratch. You also need to make sure that your PC configuration is correct. Things like Time and date settings also hinder the installation of updates correctly. Let’s fix all these problems.

Restart your PC

The fix for most problems is a simple restart. If you are lucky enough, this may work for you too. Before messing with stuff on your PC that you don’t want to, it’s always a good idea to restart and try again whatever you were doing.

So, go ahead and restart your PC. After that, go to Settings app > Updates & Security > Windows Updates and click on Check for updates button. Let Windows do its work and wait for the updates to download. This may or may not work depending on what problem your PC has. If you still get the error “There are other updates in progress”, go to the next step.

Fix Date and Time in Windows

To keep everything in check, Microsoft always requires Windows to have correct Date and Time settings before downloading updates. Make sure that your PC has Date and Time correctly configured to avoid the “There are other updates in progress” error.

  • Open Settings app and go to Time & language.
  • Click on Date & time.
  • EnableSet time zone automatically“.

After that, Windows will automatically sync your PC’s clock with Microsoft’s servers. Now, go to Settings app > Updates & Security > Windows Updates and click on Check for updates button. Let them install.

Clear Windows Update cache

If that too doesn’t work, the last resort for you is to clear the update cache. I have discussed clearing update cache in the past so I won’t repeat that again. Basically, you have to clear the data present in the Cleanup SoftwareDistribution and Downloaded Installations. After you do that, try downloading the updates again.

That’s it. This should fix the “There are other updates in progress” error on your Windows 10 PC.


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