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Warframe is a free-to-play online game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Players take control of various characters, known as “Warframes,” and fight against enemies in the Solar System. The player takes on the role of an ancient, powerful warrior known as a Tenno who wakes up from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at the heart of an unending battle. Warframe’s gameplay is mainly focused on fast-paced combat with three different modes: action, stealth, and exploration.

The game is currently available on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo Switch

In Warframe, we have 40+ frames (excluding primes), 400+ weapons, and never-ending content that will keep you engaged for 100s of hours easily. When I tried this game back in 2015 for the first time, there wasn’t much help available online, not many tutorials and stuff. I and my clan had to figure out things on our own, we had to experiment with different builds to figure out what’s best. Our main motive for creating this section on the website is to help out Warframe players in their journey throughout the star chart.

Warframe Wiki & Guides

On this page, you will find everything about Warframe that we have posted on the website.


You are the tenno and you control the frame, there are 40+ such frames in the game. Each frame has different abilities and is suitable for different types of missions. Players can customize and boost their frame’s abilities through modding.

First frame: New players can choose from Excalibur, Mag or Volt as their starter frame. I recommend starting with Excalibur.


Over 400 weapons that you can choose from, isn’t that amazing? – There are weapons for everyone’s style. Thanks to riven mods, every weapon can be modded for end-game. If we talk about exact numbers, there are 493 weapons in Warframe; 152 primary weapons, 123 secondary weapons, 185 melee weapons, 16 Arch-guns, 8 Arch-melees, and 19 Robotic weapons.

A few of my favourite weapons are:

  • Sybaris Prime: Personal choice for every mission except spy. I have a +120 status chance and +129 critical chance riven mod which makes it take out 100 level enemies in a jiffy.
  • Hikou Prime: Makes you feel like a ninja. Just throw stars to take down enemies.

A quick tip: You can use the community chat to buy unrolled riven mods for your favourite weapon.


Modding is what makes this game amazing. As talked about before, there are frames and weapons for everyone in this game. To make them suitable for every mission type, modding comes into play.

Modding is what makes this game great, but it also makes it difficult for newer players. This is where we will help you. For each and every weapon that you like, there will be a guide here covering builds for the same.


Resources are the items that you will find in your journey while completing missions in the star chart. These resources will help you in building items using the Foundry system. Different planets drop different resources in different quantities, these quantities can be increased by using a set of frames or builds that increase the loot drop chances.

A detailed page on Warframe Resources can be found here.

Warframe Mastery

Warframe Mastery is the progression system of the game. Warframe Mastery is a number that defines how much of the game a player has completed. You can gain mastery points by levelling up frames, weapons, companions and anything that offers affinity. You can check your current MR by pressing ESC and then hovering over your name.

As of now, the highest rank is MR 30.

Note: More important information about the game will be added as we publish more content.