Where Is Xur Destiny 2: Xur location Today, November 13, 2020

Last Updated on November 13, 2020

Where is Xur Today? November 13, 2020: Xur is the well known shady vendor that makes his arrival on every Friday somewhere around in the Destiny World.

His location is random and he can show up any of the four-five locations, the locations are Social-Hangar, EDZ, Titan and IO. He has also started to appear on the newly added Werner 99 ship on Nessus. Please note, that this has changed with the new DLC arrival (Beyond Light), the planets IO and Titan have been taken off the game. We except Xur to arrive in new locations this week, once he does we will make sure to find where he is and post the location guide below.

Let’s find out where he is this week, continue reading to find out.

Note: With the arrival of Shadowkeep, Xur’s engram will also drop exotics such as Astrocyte Verse and Wavesplitter. Bungie confirmed that all year 2 exotics will drop from his engram. I opened the fated engram last week and got the Wavesplitter, the exotic is fantastic and works well in PvP.

Xur’s Location – November 13, 2020

Xur’s Location is: _____

Xur’s Wares This week

He is selling: ___________

Who is Xur?

Xur is the agent of the nine, he is an exotic vendor that brings a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock exotic along with a weapon every week. Whatever he brings is sold for legendary shards, which you can get easily by playing the game and recycling legendaries. Xur also has an exotic engram that guarantees an exotic that you don’t have, however, this one is not cheap (97 shards). Also, this engram can only be opened once per week on one character.

Do comment below which exotic are you excited for?

This is his yet another arrival of Xur this season, pretty excited to get the new exotics. Are you excited?