Check Update Size in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

In previous versions of Windows, you had the option to know how large the update size was before you started downloading them. In Windows 10, however, Microsoft has decided that we are too dumb to know that detail.


Thus, they have made away with the Update app from the Control Panel and have put it into the Settings app with literally no user control options whatsoever. Now, hiding the update size isn’t a big deal. But, that’s for people with a nicer internet connection.

For people like me and millions of others, who have to bear the crappy <5Mbps download speeds, it is very annoying. Since there is no official way to pause updates or disable them, the PC downloading them takes up the whole network bandwidth. Consequently, the internet goes down for everyone else in the network.

I’ve got a few PCs in my home, and whenever Microsoft releases an update for Windows 10, all those devices start downloading them. Then there is a thing called FUP. Fair Usage Policy for those who don’t know. With FUP, I get a few GBs of data after which my downloading speed goes down considerably to the point of being unusable.

Check Update size in Windows 10

Thus knowing the Windows 10 update size is an essential way of knowing how fast I’m going to deplete my data cap. Here is a simple method to know how large an update is.

  • Head over to the Settings app > Update & security > Windows Update. Click on Update history. In the Update history screen, you will see all the previously installed or failed updates on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Click on any update of which you want to know the size of. You will see an ‘info’ box open up with details of the update. Click on ‘More info‘ to know more.
  • Clicking on ‘More info‘ will open the Knowledgebase page of the update. For the update KB3213986, you will go to page. This page lists all the changes that Microsoft has pushed to your PC via this update. You can skim over those if you like.
  • Scroll down on this page on the ‘How to get this update’ section. In the File information heading, you will see the update size. That’s it.