How to Disable GameDVR without Xbox App

Last Updated on July 28, 2017

Windows 10 users know how problematic GameDVR feature of the Xbox app can be. It causes crashes, slow downs, and low-fps in a lot of games. Unfortunately, there has been no official fix or statement from Microsoft acknowledging this issue.

You can, of course, disable GameDVR from the Settings in the Xbox app. But, what if you have uninstalled the Xbox app while removing other UWP apps? Or if GameDVR gets magically enabled after every few Windows Updates (which actually happens, BTW!)?

Well, the solution is an app called Game DVR Config which you can download from GitHub. The latest version is v1.2 while writing this post. It allows you to disable DVR without manually messing with the registry entries. You can also use other options from the app like configuring the recorded video resolution, disabling cursor blending and audio capture.

Using the GameDVR config app is simple. Download the exe file and run it as admin. Uncheck ‘Enable GameDVR config (Win + G)‘ and the settings will be saved.

Now, running any game in Windows, won’t show you the Xbox gamebar and thus won’t slow your game down.