Lost Ark Error 10027 Fix – Cannot connect to the server due to heavy traffic

Last Updated on February 17, 2022

Lost Ark users are receiving another error that is not letting them play the game. As of now, there are over a million users live on Steam which explains the situation.

The exact error is “Cannot Connect to the server due to heavy traffic. [10027]“. This is happening due to the hoard of new players trying to play the game. Amazon and Smilegate probably didn’t expect this many players will jump onto their new title. The good news is, the publisher Amazon owns AWS and this should be fixed in no time.

Update: Servers have started to come back online. You can easily log in now. Smilegate has also tweeted that they are merging a few servers. This is done to ensure that some players are not left alone in servers.

What should I do now?

There’s no way you can fix this on your own. The only thing you can do is wait for the developers to fix the issue. I tried to restart the game a few times and go to the server selection screen.

However, another error came up “The Server is overloaded at the moment. Please wait a little while”. Followed by a queue, this number is in thousands, so waiting this long is no use. This is the game’s first weekend since launch so it is expected that everyone will be hopping on to try it out.

Update: Even if you get past the server overloaded and cannot connect error, you will be greeted with another error which says:

The server is busy. Please wait a while.

Your queue number: 2xxx

You may not be able to create a character even if you are connected to the server if your server’s character capacity is full.

This means there’s no use in waiting. You won’t be able to create a character anyways; the game has now surpassed over 1.2 million live users on Steam. Almost everyone is getting kicked out of games. I will let the hype settle before launching this game again, because these errors are now becoming frustrating.

Lost Ark is a AAA title backed by Amazon Games; we expect this problem to be solved soon. Like every AAA title, Lost ARK also has a few issues ranging from performance issues to errors.

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