A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded iPhone, iPad and Mac Fix

The iPad and iPhone users frequently see the “A problem occurred with this webpage, so it was reloaded” error while browsing the web. Although this is not an error, it is certainly an annoyance of sort.

Problem occurred with this webpage

This error can occur anytime while browsing the web in the Safari web browser. This can happen because of a fault in the website or because of a problem in your iPad web browser.

In this post, we will discuss a few ways to fix the “A problem occurred with this webpage, so it was reloaded” error.

A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded

This error has started to occur for the iPad users starting from the iOS 8.0.2 update. The only solution for most of the users was to downgrade their iPads to an older version or wait for the iOS 8.1 update.

This error is not only limited to the iPad and iPhone users, though. Many Safari for Mac users is also facing this problem. Continue reading below to know how to fix his error.

Common Reasons for “A Problem Occurred with the webpage, so it was reloaded” error on iPhone and iPad

  • Using a website at more or less than 100% magnification.
  • Outdated cached data.
  • Speech settings problem.

Now that you know what the most common reasons for this problem are, you can fix this error.

Reset the magnification to 100%

Open the website where you are getting the “A problem occurred…” error and use your fingers (on iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini) or mouse (for Mac) and set the zoom level to 100% on Safari. Zooming with your fingers is simple. Use two of your fingers on the screen and pinch the screen to make the zoom 100%.

On Mac, hold the Command key and then scroll up or down until the zoom level is at 100%. After doing this, reload the webpage. See if that fixes this problem.

Reset your Network and Delete Outdated Cached Data from Safari

For iPhone, iPad and iPad mini

  • Open the app drawer and go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings. This will disconnect you from all WiFi connections if you have any. You will need to login to them again.
  • Again go to the Settings > Safari > Clear Website Data. This will clear all data stored by the browser like history and website caches.

This will, in most cases fix your web browser on your iPhone and iPad.

For Mac

  • Open Safari and then go to the Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Remove All Website Data.
  • Open Finder and go to Go > Go to Folder. Type ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari/Cache.db. Press on Go. Then Delete this file.
  • Restart Safari.

Adjust the Date and Time Correctly

A lot of websites rely on your phone’s time and date settings to show their contents correctly. If the date and time are offset from the correct value, you can get errors.

  • Go go Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • See if your iPhone, iPad or the iPad mini has the right values set.

Make Sure that JavaScript is Turned ON

Most of the stuff on the web relies on Javascript to work. A lot of commonly used websites won’t even load correctly if Javascript is turned OFF. For this reason, you should try enabling Javascript to see if this fixes the “A Problem Occurred…” error on your Apple device.

  • Open Safari and go to Settings.
  • Go to Advanced options (scroll down to the bottom).
  • Toggle Javascript to ON from there.

Reinstall Java (Mac Only)

Java is responsible for the working of a lot of applications on your Mac. In case there is some problem with a Java file or the whole installation, you can get errors throughout the system. For that reason, it’s good to be sure that Java is working correctly.

Java doesn’t provide us with a ‘reset’ switch, so the best you can do is to uninstall and then reinstall it on your Mac. Here are the steps.

Uninstall Java

  • Open Finder > Applications > Search for JavaAppletPlugin.plugin.
  • Right click on file and then select Move to Trash.

Install Java

  • Download Java from the official Oracle website.
  • Open the jre-8u121-macosx-x64.dmg (or whichever version is the latest) by double clicking on it.
  • Go forward in the installation screen and then press Continue.
  • Press Install in the next screen.
  • Hit Close to finish the installation.

After following these steps will most probably fix the A problem occurred with this webpage, so it was reloaded error on your iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, just use the comments section to tell us more about what problems you are facing. We will surely help you out.

Thanks to Error24x7.


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  1. Easiest fix is to download Google browser, problem solved

    1. For Mac OS, using Chrome is fine. But, on iOS devices, there is no way to counter this problem. Both the Apple Safari and Google Chrome use the same engine to render websites.

      1. in my case, an app was causing this after iOS 11 got updated to 12. Don‘t know which specific one, but after deleting all nonessential ones, some non-English language ones in particular, the erratic Safari behavior stopped.

  2. Apple could fix this and just freeze a web page instead of reloading it.

    Typical lazy tech company bs, instead of programming a workaround they want to blame it on the website and let the user experience suffer. But hey “it’s not THEIR fault”

    1. Yeah I agree it’s bullshit and wastes my data !!!

  3. Apple’s browser sucks but they won’t let anyone else use their own full browser in iOS so we get this BS Safari reset garbage and they NEVER fix it. Worse yet, they abandon older iOS devices which then are stuck forever with a broken browser. They hope you will buy the newer model so they can screw you over again….

  4. The resting the network on my iPhone X totally worked!! It was so annoying!! I even downloaded Firefox and couldn’t figure out how to make it default. Thank YOU!

    1. Hi there. I’m having problems with “An error has occurred on this webpage so it has been reloaded,” or something to that effect. Would you mind explaining what you did to fix your problem? Thanks!

      1. She said what she did

  5. I’m just done, I can’t take ever seeing that error again. i just got the ipad2 mini’s screen fixed after smacking it so many times it shattered. For some reason hitting it actually helped load the page sometimes. I’ve tried every fix I can find on the net to no avail and I’m a long time computer repair person. In our large family we have dozens of devices, even when the ipad works, it is by far the slowest to load a busy page. I’m selling it and never spending a dime on any Apple product again, hard for me to say as I used to be considered an Apple evangelist. Cheap android and fire tablets work just fine.

  6. Moderation: Can you please delete my last name and change the word “reset” to reloaded?

  7. This is driving me crazy. Someone please help!!!

  8. Someone please help stop this!!!

    1. You followed the instructions on this page, right??

  9. Help to make webpages load. So sick of seeing the error message!

  10. It didn’t work for me. This problem just started this week.

  11. Still happening.
    When i turned JavaScript off it pulled more than I could get to before but then said to work I needed JavaScript.

  12. The best solution I found is the (tvcast) Chromecast app found in the Google Play store.

  13. Hi
    I’m at a loss
    Tried all above remedies and getting the reloading error on safari, also an error on chrome and the sites app that I’m trying to use…

    1. Are you using a VPN? Which site are you trying to visit? Please give me the link. I’ll check.

  14. Urban outfitters won’t let me see my shopping bag. Continually says problem occurred and reloaded. Also my phone gets hot when I go there. Could malware be tracking me?

  15. I have an older ipad without retina recognition, just recently websites aren’t load all the way, like walmart site doesnt load all the items and when I click to see a product it won’t load the price or options. I know it the ipad because i tried the same thing on my phone and it works just fine. And some videos I play are froze with only the voice working. Please help if you can. I tried deleting the cookie and websites and restarted the ipad and other suggestions I read but nothing has worked thanks in advance.

  16. they won’t let anyone else use their own full browser in iOS so we get this BS Safari reset garbage and they NEVER fix it. Worse yet, they abandon older iOS devices which then are stuck forever with a broken browser. They hope you will buy the newer model so they can screw you over again….

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