Borderlands 3 – Best Loot Ghosts Location Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 26, 2019

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event is in full swing, players finally have some new content to enjoy. The few last weeks have been really bad for the community, with all the nerfs and community outcry about them. Bloody harvest brings new loot such as Fearmonger Shotgun, Ghast Grenade and so on.

So with the event comes a new enemy called Ghosts, these spawn after you kill the haunted enemies. The enemies which you have to eliminate are the old ones just with a new ghostly aura around them. There are multiple kinds of Loot Ghosts & Badass Ghosts.

Loot Ghosts Location

There is no particular location where you’ll find the Loot Ghosts, these spawns when you eliminate the haunted enemies. I was able to find one when I was headed to Jakobs Estate on Eden-6. Right, when I moved forward, there was a haunted enemy, upon taking him out a floating ghost appeared. You need to take them out before they reach you or it’ll apply a debuff on you. Let’s find out how to identify them

  • Green Ghost – Normal Ghost
  • Red Ghost – Badass
  • Gold/Yellow Ghost – Loot Ghosts (rare spawn)

This ghost can also drop the new event-specific loot.

Update: I’ve found the best Loot Ghost Farming spot after researching a bit, you just have to head to Voracious Canopy on Eden 6. From there travel to the location marked in the image given below.

The spawn for Gold Loot Ghosts also seems to be a little low, but your best bet would be to take down haunted enemies or bosses.

You can read guides on taking down Haunted Rakkman, Demoskaggon, El Dragon Jr and Borman Nates. Upon eliminating all of these, a loot ghost will spawn. This is how you can farm them. Another location where haunted enemies are common is the Hekk Hole, which requires you to give Maurice 25 Hecktoplasms.

Do comment below if this guide helped you out.

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