COD Black Ops Cold War – Stuck on Finding Players

Last Updated on November 15, 2020

Players are facing a weird issue in Cold War where the game will keep on searching for other players and will be stuck in a loop that never ends. In this article, we will figure out how to fix this issue.

The issue is currently happening mostly on PCs.

COD Black Ops Cold War – “Not Finding Players” Fix

There are a number of fixes that you can try to get rid of the issue. Follow them step-by-step.

Turn on Crossplay

If there are not many people playing in your region, then the game client will face problems trying to match you with others. To fix this, you can turn on crossplay so that gamers from other platforms such as PS4 and Xbox can also enter your game.

Add More Match Modes

There are multiple game modes in Black Ops: Cold War, you can go ahead and select multiple modes if you are unable to find games.

Fix Your NAT Issues

NAT issues can create all sorts of problems, especially in multiplayer games. We’ve already written an article on fixing issues, you can read it here.

Restart Your Game

Black Ops Cold War lobbies can bug out sometimes. To fix this just restart your game and try a quick search and your problem should be sorted. We all know that whenever we face any issue in any particular game, restarting it fixes the issue most of the times.

Fix Your Connection

Internet related issues can also be a big reason why you’re unable to find a game. Try running cmd with ping -t and check whether you are getting timed out or not. Another reason could be, your connection having really high ping to the game server, to fix that contact your ISP or find out what is creating the problem.

The fixes above might or might not work for everyone, there could be your PC or connection specific issues that you might need to sort out. You can drop your comment in the comment section below so that we can look.

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