COD MW3: How To Show Ping & Packet Loss

Last Updated on November 10, 2023

Ping and Packet Loss are two important numbers that should always be perfect for competitive games. Packet Loss and High Latency are instant turn-offs for a gamer trying to take down some enemies.

In this article, we will discover how Modern Warfare 3 players can turn on the Server Latency and Packet Loss Data. This data will be displayed on the top-left of your screen.

How To Show Ping & Packet Loss in Modern Warfare 3

The developers of Modern Warfare 3 know the importance of these numbers; that’s why they have given a simple settings menu for this.

To do this:

  • Go to the Game settings > Interface
  • Scroll down until you find the telemetry options.
  • Click “Show More,” and a list of options will appear, as shown in the screenshot below:
  • Enable Server Latency and Packet Loss.
  • You’re done!

Impact of High Ping and Packet Loss on Gaming

High ping and packet loss can have a significant impact on competitive games. For one, high ping can cause significant input delays, leading to missed opportunities or getting killed before you even have a chance to react.

Packet loss can also cause problems, leading to rubber-banding or other strange movement effects that make it difficult to aim or predict enemy movements. Even a small advantage can be the difference between winning and losing in high-level play, so high ping and packet loss can seriously disadvantage players.

This was the simple way to enable telemetry options in MW3; you can also read more MW3 guides here.

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