Elden Ring: How To Fix Controller Not Working on Steam

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

It seems like the number of problems that the Elden Ring players are facing will not end. Another problem that players are reporting is the controller not working or not being detected.

AAA titles are known for their problems, not even a single title last year was free from problems. Performance issues in a title like this are not something new, a game that has system requirements this high. Given the vast difference in hardware, it’s hard for the devs to optimize the game for every computer. However, this is not a problem that cannot be fixed. The devs have promised that there will be updates on Day 1 to take care of most problems.

How To Fix Controller Not Working in Elden Ring

The controller problem is not something new and has a simple fix, continue reading to find out:

The game, for some reason, doesn’t detect the controller right away. Here’s how to do everything step by step

  • Connect your controller before launching the game
  • Restart steam in Big Picture Mode
  • Go to Elden Ring settings > Manage Game
  • Select the Input Method as “Forced On”

Credits to Patrick on Steam:

Controller Problem Fix – Launch Steam in Big Picture Mode, go into the settings of Elden Ring via (Manage Game), and on the input method select “Forced On”.

Reset the game, it works.

Multiple users have commented on the post that this worked for them. We hope this article helped you out too. Please comment below and let us know if you still face any problems.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, Playstation and Xbox. Read more articles about the game here.

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