PUBG Mobile: Into The Snowland Christmas Event, Rewards, and Details

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Christmas is right around the corner and PUBG Mobile has decided to start its festivities with the “Into The Snowland Christmas Event”. In this article, we will cover the event details, rewards, and the release date.

PUBG was one of the first battle royale games that made its way to mobiles. The game quickly became a hit in markets such as India, surpassing 1 million downloads very quickly. The game is a battle royale FPS that was based on the original PUBG, which is a PC game originally created by Brendan Greene in 2017. The mobile version obviously has some graphical downgrades but the experience is the same. The game is currently facing fierce competition from games like Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, but it still holds its own with over 200 million downloads worldwide.

Into The Snowland Christmas Event

Note: The rewards and event details are the same for both PUBG Mobile and BGMI (the Indian version of PUBGM).

Into The Snowland Rewards

What is a Christmas Event without snow, right? – In this event players have to squad up and collect processed snow in the marked locations to craft a Snowman. Collecting processed snow will help you in completing daily missions which in turn will reward you with:

  • Silver Fragments
  • Classic Scrap Tokens
  • Premium Scrap Tokens
  • Premium Crate Tokens
  • Bike Popularity
  • Permanent Legendary Outfit (Main Reward)

Event Start and End Date

The event has already started and is supposed to end on January 9, 2021. You have enough time to complete everything and collect the rewards.

What is the Location of Processed Snow?

Processed snow has been added as an in-game item for this event. Players can find this item in Stalber, Shooting Range, Shelter, Hospital and Quarry. While launching the game you will get a message as shown in the image below. This map has locations marked where you will find processed snow.

That’s all for the event, do comment below if you like this article.

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