How To Farm Caliban in Warframe

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

Caliban is the newest addition to the extensive list of Warframes in the game. The frame drops with the quest updated called The New War, which dropped on December 15.

Caliban is the 48th Warframe in the game, and our first impressions are as follows:

  • Caliban is the second sentient Warframe after Revenant.
  • First look at the abilities tells us that the frame is going to be a tank plus damage dealer.
  • The passive offers support to allies by offering them Adaptive Armor, if they are in affinity range.

Caliban Item Details on Market

How To Get Caliban in Warframe

Most of us know by now that whenever a quest drops, a new frame comes with it. You can purchase the fully crafted frame straight from the market, but you will miss out on the grind, which is the main point of this game.

The four parts are as follows:

  • Caliban Blueprint
  • Caliban Neuroptics
  • Caliban Chassis
  • Caliban Systems

You can purchase the blueprint from the market for 50,000 credits. The other three components of the frame can only be farmed from Narmer Bounties. Once you have completed the New War Quest, the bounties will unlock. The parts can only be farmed on Plains of Eidolon during the day and Orb Vallis at night.

Note: To purchase the bounties, you can head to Eudico at Fortuna or Konzu at Cetus. You also need standing to purchase these bounties.

As we’ve pointed out earlier, the frame can be directly purchased from the market for 325 platinum. The collection costs 595 platinum, and it consists of; entirely crafted frame, Caliban Cranion Helmet, Neurovyre Syandana, Venato (signature scythe), and Sporavyre Syandana.

Caliban Crafing Requirements

Caliban Chassis

  • 3 Anomaly Shards
  • 16 Narmer Isoplasts
  • 20 Mortus Horn
  • 100 Hespazym Alloy

Caliban Neuroptics

  • 3 Anomaly Shards
  • 12 Narmer Isoplasts
  • 10 Neutral Sensors
  • 20 Tralok Eyes

Caliban Systems

  • 3 Anomaly Shards
  • 12 Narmer Isoplasts
  • 30 Breath of the Eidolon
  • 30 Hexenon

Closing Remarks

The passive of the frame is good in terms of support to allies. We had issues trying out his passive when the update dropped; this should be fixed by DE soon. The frame is suitable for overall support and crowd control. We don’t know about the damage possibilities yet; this we will leave out to the YouTubers because they know better. The third ability, called Lethal Progeny, spawns up to three Conculysts that fight by your side; this ability was helpful in defence missions. Fusion Strike, the fourth ability, is something we believe needs a buff in terms of range.

Here’s a build from one of the YouTubers that I watch

Note: The views expressed above are initial impressions that are posted only an hour after the release of the New War Update. We will change or update these views as we get to know more.

A build guide for the frame will be published soon after this article. Keep an eye out!

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