How to Remove Devices from Pushbullet Devices List

Last Updated on July 28, 2017

If you use the same Pushbullet account on multiple devices, you’ll notice one thing.

The devices list on your Pushbullett account will quickly increase. This can get quite annoying if you are trying to push something to one phone and it goes to another.

Another thing that can bug a lot of people is when you get two devices with the same name in the Pushbullet device list. Now, you can’t possibly know which one you will push your data to. To fix this, you can delete the old and unused devices from the device list in Pushbullet.

Delete/Remove Devices from Pushbullet Devices List

In your web browser, go to devices. Log into your Pushbullet account and view the devices in the left-pane.

pushbullet-devices list

In the devices list, click on the small triangle to reveal the options for the device you want to remove from your Pushbullet account. Click on the Delete button.

That’s it.

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  1. I get an error message that my “error deleting device – device not found” message. I also tried logging in with my new phone, but it is not showing up on my laptop. On my desktop computer, however, it does work. Please help. Thank you.


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