The First Descendant: How To Disable Motion Blur

Last Updated on October 20, 2022

Motion Blur is the most useless graphic setting developers give us; while trying The First Descendant during beta I realized there’s no option to disable it. However, there’s a workaround; let’s find out what it is.

In First Descendant, your player fights against the enemies, your aim is to protect the “Ingris Continent.” As you progress through the story, your player becomes stronger and stronger, unlocking newer abilities and Descendants. I tried the game in 2k and 4k resolution, which looks beautiful.

As you might have already noticed, the game has horrible FPS Drops and Performance Issues; on top of that, it has no settings panel to change settings other than the pre-sets. This is one of the first things the devs should have worked on. I hope they take notice of this and push an update soon.

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The First Descendant: How To Disable Motion Blur

Some video games offer a motion blur setting to make the game look more realistic. This setting makes the game look like it is moving faster than it actually is. Some people like this setting because it makes the game look more exciting. Others think it makes the game look sloppy and should not be turned on.

Game running on low settings

Update: Thanks to the official discord channel of the game, we finally have a way to disable Motion Blur. Here are the steps:

  • Press Win + R and type “%localappdata%”
  • Go to M1/Saved/Config/Windows Folder
  • Double-click on ‘engine.ini’ file to edit it
  • Add the text given below:
  • Save the file and relaunch the game.

The game has five pre-sets for graphics settings; Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High. Changing this setting to Very Low/Low takes away the Motion Blur. This is the only workaround at the moment.

If Motion Blur is a deal breaker for you, then I think changing the graphics to low makes sense. I changed mine to low and the game isn’t looking that bad, and the FPS gains are also significant.

I tried looking at the settings files of the game, but most of the files are in languages that most of us can’t decode. The developers will take care of this within a few days.

Let’s not forget that the game is currently running its Beta Access; issues will be there. Beta testers play an essential role in detecting and reporting bugs, which can be fixed before the game is released to the general public. In some cases, beta access may also be used to generate buzz and interest in an upcoming game.

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