How to View/Find WiFi Passwords in Windows 10 2018

Last Updated on October 23, 2018

Most of us don’t actually type the WiFi password after once setting up our device. Unless you are someone who’s purchasing new devices every week, you’ll almost always forget what it was.view-wifi-password

Good thing is that Windows 10 allows you to view your saved WiFi password without much hassle. The problem, though is this password is hidden behind various buttons and settings boxes in the OS.

Find WiFi Password in Windows 10

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run box.
  • Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter. This will open the Network Connections panel. This screen lists all the connections (virtual, and physical) that your PC has. You may or may not have multiple entries here.
  • The one you are concerned with is Wi-Fi. Right-click on Wi-Fi and select Status.
  • In the Wi-Fi Status box, click on the Wireless Properties button. This will open a box with the name: <WiFi Name> Network Properties.
  • Switch to the Security tab. You can see your password hidden behind the DOT characters in the Network security key box.
  • Right click on Show characters check-box in the middle of this box.

With this, you can view the password for this network.

This is all good, but what if you are not using the Windows OS. Since all OSes use different interfaces for dealing with stuff, the above won’t work.

A more straightforward approach that you can follow is by simply using your router’s settings page. With that, you won’t have to rely on your OS.

But, a big catch with this approach is that none of the WiFi router manufacturers use the same login page or the same UI for the settings page.

I have a TP-Link WiFi router, so I can only tell you about that. But, you can check out the official guides for your router in their respective manufacturer’s website.

I’m linking a few ones below:

View WiFi Password Using Router Settings Page

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Enter the username and the password here and press the Login button.
  • In the left panel, go to Wireless > Wireless Security.
  • In this page, you can view the current password in field labeled Wireless Password.

That’s all. If you ever forget your WiFi password ever in the future, you can use these two methods to recover it back.

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