All Mounts in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds & How To Unlock Them

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is a massively multiplayer online game available on all known platforms; Android, iOS, and Windows. The game never fails to soothe us with its bright and gorgeous 3D anime-styled animations and high-level silhouettes emphasizing the fairy tale style. This game is an open-world MMO-Esque stylized RPG, so roaming around in areas takes a while; this is where mounts come into play.

In Cross Worlds, you are beta testing for the Soul Divers, so basically a game inside a game. The world where these tests are happening is Ni No Kuni’s land. Your objective is to ensure that your real and virtual world stays protected from evil.

How To Get Mounts in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

There are two ways using which Mounts can be obtained:

Note: A few mounts cannot be obtained for free and won’t be offered for free ever. You can purchase them from the Store or just use the free ones.

Every Mount in the game helps in increasing your combat rating. Just by owning a mount, 30% of the stats are counted towards your CP. However, the equipped Mount will contribute 100% towards your stats. You can also upgrade the mounts for better stat values.

Free Obtainable Mounts

Here are the methods of getting four mounts for free through completing quests:


To get Catarumpus, complete the great uncle autumn unexpected company quest. After unlocking the Friendship Mode, visit the tree called “Great Uncle Autumn,” he will give you the quest for unlocking Catarumpus.

You have unlocked your first Mount.

Catarumpus Stats:

  • CP: 2175
  • Defense: Maximum 119
  • Acc: Maximum 114
  • Material Required for Upgrade: Feather Teaser (2x)

Yakk Mount

The Yak is the rarest Mount in the game and can only be obtained from the Al-Khemi’s Genie Pot Draw. This can only be done when he appears in the middle of the town. You will generally find him right in the middle of Evermore, so always keep checking.

Yakk Mount Stats:

  • CP: 1537
  • Hitpoints: Maximum 1157
  • Acc: Maximum 103
  • Material Required for Upgrade: Yakk Ember

Here’s Al-Khemi’s location on the map:

Buy from Store

Cross Worlds has seven unique mounts, which allows us to explore or use them as combat companions, significantly increasing our combat power. Some need to be unlocked, while some can be purchased directly via stores.

To buy from Store, you obviously have to visit the Store and make your purchase. The sad part is that the mounts make the game pay-to-win as they will add up to your combat points.

Here are the other mounts:

  • Swing
  • Wing Glider
  • Birby
  • Penny-farthing
  • Wwing

So summing up, there are currently seven mounts in the game that players can obtain. For those who can spend money, this is a gacha game; after all, you might have to spend some money at one point.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is a grindy game; in gacha games, once you reach a certain level, you’ll have to spend money, or your progression will halt or slow down.

Which Mount do you like the most?

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