Borderlands 3 – How To Start Maliwan Takedown

Last Updated on November 22, 2019

How To Start Maliwan Takedown – Maliwan Takedown, the free DLC is now available to be downloaded. If you own Borderlands 3, then you can download it right away. The size of the DLC is 1.5GB. With this update a lot of new things have been added to the game; Borderlands 3 has now been optimized, bosses have their dedicated loot pools and so on.

P.S. There are some people reporting that there are issues with their client leading to download sizes of upwards 40GB. This has been fixed with another update.

How To Start Maliwan Takedown

Maliwan Takedown is a matchmade activity, but I’d recommend you to team up with a few people for the best experience.

To Start Maliwan Takedown, head to the Sanctuary, locate the Mayhem panel. Just below the stairs of the mayhem panel, there will be an exclamation mark, head towards it and accept the mission.

Note: The sanctuary fast travel is broken at the moment, you will have to manually travel to it using the map.

That’s all you need to know at the moment. I’ll be adding content related to the update as I get to know more.

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