How To Get Cloning Ghast Call Grenade – Bloody Harvest Loot

Last Updated on July 1, 2021

The recent weekly events have been rather lackluster and didn’t provide players with enough loot or rewards. However, this has changed with the new Bloody Harvest update, the update itself was huge around 4 GB in size. Players are already back into the game and enjoying the new content.

There are ghosts to take down, new haunted bosses, a new legendary shotgun and several quests to complete. Everyone is busy completing their quest which starts from searching ghosts in the galaxy and then moving further with eliminating a set of enemies. This set of enemies includes many bosses such as Captain Haunt, El Dragon Jr, and Haunted Borman Nates. You also get the Fearmonger upon taking down the Captain Haunt, this is a pretty good legendary shotgun only available for the duration of the event.

Enough about the event, let’s find out how to obtain the Ghast Call Grenade

How To Get Ghast Call Legendary Grenade

Cloning Ghast Call is yet another Legendary grenade that was added with the bloody harvest event. This is a limited timed legendary and can be farmed only till the duration of this event. Let’s find out how to obtain it.

I am not sure if the cloning grenades are affected with the old nerf of mirv hex, that reduced grenade damage by 70%. These have no mention of MIRV so they should work just fine. I am looking for new nades for my Moze build since the old infinite build is dead. This should be a great choice, and the nades have a really cool spooky effect.

There are two ways you can obtain this grenade.

Take Down Captain Haunt

Captain Haunt is located at Heck Hole, when you give Maurice 25 Hecktoplasms, it will open up a portal to the Heck Hole. This is the area where Captain Haunt will spawn. When you spawn in Heck Hole, you will have to fight your way through the enemies, eventually, you end up at a locked gate. Keep eliminating any enemies that spawn, after some time a keymaster will arrive, you might have to eliminate a few of them. These keymasters will be your key to opening the gate.

Taking down haunt requires some work, so it’s better to work in a fireteam. There were series of nerfs recently so most of the normal builds are broken.

I’ve written a full guide on taking haunt down.

Farm Loot Ghosts

Loot Ghosts are another set of newly added enemies that spawn upon the elimination of haunted bosses or enemies. The haunted enemies have a red aura around them.

There is no particular location where you’ll find the Loot Ghosts, these spawns when you eliminate the haunted enemies. I was able to find one when I was headed to Jakobs Estate on Eden-6. Right, when I moved forward, there was a haunted enemy, upon taking him out a floating ghost appeared. This is the Loot Ghost. This ghost can also drop the new event-specific loot.

Read this detailed guide on Farming Loot Ghosts.

These are the two ways you can farm the newly added Cloning Ghast Call.

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