Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt Location: Force Troopers, Red Jabber, and Rakkman

Last Updated on October 10, 2019

Borderlands has successfully completed 10 years in the gaming industry. The event started with a blast with the Boss week, now Gearbox has enabled the Force Troopers, Red Jabber, and Rakkman to encounter. Their spawn frequency and drop rate both have been increased for players to farm their legendary artifacts and loot.

The Trooper, Red Jabber and Rakkman spawns are random hit and miss, but this time around that won’t happen. Wherever the spawns are they will be found guaranteed. That being said, they won’t always drop meaty loot.

This event is great for all-around legendary farming and getting good loot easily. All drop rates and spawn rates are boosted. Let’s find out where these bosses are and get our loot hunt going.

Borderlands 3 Force Troopers Location

Force Troopers (Power ranger lookalikes) are found in Atlas HQ on Promethea. Just fast travel there and head to the nearest fast travel station located on top of the courtyard area. This is where the Force Troopers will be resting.

Upon eliminating, you’ll be rewarded with a Random Legendary class mod (Not guaranteed though). If you didn’t understand how to find them yet, check out the video given below

YouTube video

Borderlands 3 Rakkman location

This memed batman drops the Night Flyer Legendary pistol which is godly. To find him, head to lower right on the Carnivora area located on Pandora. This is where you’ll find the Rakkman near a Batcave.

For better understanding, watch the video given below:

YouTube video

Borderlands 3 Red Jabber Location

Red Jabber is located on Ambermire on Eden-6, the map below has his exact spawn location, continue heading forward until you reach the hoard of enemies. The red jabber has a chance to drop a Legendary Grenade Mod upon elimination.

Watch the below video for the exact location:

YouTube video

The event only lasts for a week until October 15, 2019. After that everything will return back to normal. Get your grinding gears on, and start farming. This might be the best week to get the best gear for all your builds.

After the nerfs done to all the classes, finding newer build and legendaries is something I am doing at the moment. Are you affected by the nerfs? – Do tell us using the comment section below.

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