Destiny 2: How To Do Heroic Vex Invasions – Powerful Drops

Last Updated on October 10, 2019

The newly added Vex Invasions on Moon can drop powerful engrams with a lot of moon exclusive loot. If you are having trouble making it heroic, worry no more, this guide on how the heroic thing works will certainly help you out.

Vex Invasion is similar to all the events in the game. To complete it you have to kill hordes of enemies. However, making this event heroic is something very tricky, and not known to many.

How to Do Heroic Vex Invasions

Whenever a Vex Invasion is starting, a white ball will start flashing in the sky, just travel to that location and start killing enemies.

How To Make The Overlord Spawn

  • Head to Anchor of Light
  • Proceed with killing all enemies and the Gatelord, you have to defeat the gatelord three times.
  • Once you kill the last gatelord, the overlord boss will appear

Upon the death of the Overlord, you’ll get your powerful drop. This can be done twice per character.

Note: I am not sure about this information, but whenever the gatelords were eliminated quickly, I and my friend got the overlord. Whenever we took longer, it didn’t spawn. The event might be timed, so try eliminating all the enemies as fast as you can.

Some people are saying that it spawns only in Archer’s Line, but that is not true. It can spawn in all three locations; Archer’s line, Anchor of Light and Hellmouth.

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