Botworld Adventure 101 for Beginners: Best Bots and Strategy

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

Botworld Adventure is a Role-Playing Game developed by Featherweight, available on both Android on iOS. In Botworld, you play as a protagonist; you have to defeat bots and collect scraps to build your bot army. You can roam around in the open world to discover the secrets hidden in the Botworld.

The game focuses mainly on bot fights where your placements of the bots matter the most. The strategic placement allows your bots to fight correctly. You watch them from the sidelines offering support via the Botpack abilities.

The more fights you take, the more XP your bots will gain; you can level up your bots to unlock upgrades for them. While the main objective of this game is fighting, It is also essential to know when not to fight; your bot’s health will keep on replenishing until you have repair canisters. Once you run out of those, it’s best if you head back to your home base

Choosing the Apperance

When you start at first, you will be given a choice to choose from a number of different characters; Cat, Dog, Lizard or a Buffalo. This has no impact on your gameplay; it’s just how you will look. Just select the character, colour, eyes and outfit. After this, you can proceed.

Which Bot To Choose In The Start?

You have finally landed in the Botworld. Now you have to go to your Dad, where he will offer you choices to select a Bot for your team:

  • Chaser (Ram): Charges into enemies and knocks them. High mobility and high damage.
  • Tank (Thump): Protects weaker bots and tanks damage.
  • Evader (Froggy): Ranged bot that deals damage from range and leaps away from enemies.

My choice: I chose Ram as my first bot because it offers high damage and knocks down enemies. Many people in the forums made the mistake of not choosing Ram first and had difficulties finding him later. It is one of the best bots and also end-game viable.

Understanding Placement of the bots in a fight

As mentioned earlier, placement matters a lot. You have to know the abilities of your bot team before you deploy them in the fights. You will get away with mistakes in beginner fights, but as you proceed into the more difficult ones, these mistakes will cost you.

For example, I will place the Tank bot close to the enemies, the sniper far, and a chaser almost nearby. After this, I will use my botpack abilities carefully to assist my team in the fight.

Wild Bots vs Bandits – Who to fight?

While roaming around, you will come across multiple enemy types. To gain XP, you will have to take fights at some point. While both of these enemy types are easy to defeat with the right bots, it’s essential to know that wild bots are easier enemies, and bandits are a little harder to beat.

Avoid fighting multiple enemies at once and keep an eye out for the repair canister energy levels. If a bot is approaching you and you are not looking to fight, zig-zag around him and run away.

Explore All You Want

  • The Blue Bar is health of your robots
  • The Red Bar is your repair canister energy level

Exploring is one of the most critical aspects of the game. Just roam around the map, take fights, and collect the loot around you. Pokemon players will understand the reference.

Roaming is not exactly free; every time you head out and take fights, the bots will have to heal; this costs repair canister energy. The repair canister takes some time to refill and is vital in battles. So whenever you head out, search for loot and take fights strategically to make the most out of every adventure.

What is the Danger Zone?

The danger zone is where you can get the rare scrap, but as the name sounds, it is full of Danger. If you are knocked out or choose Jetpack back home, you can only come back the next day. This rare scrap is required to build the best bots in the game. As enticing it may sound, the fights in Danger Zone are not easy, and it is recommended that you take the right set of bots with you.

If you are only here to search chests for rare loot, you must dodge your way out of fights. You will have to do that a lot since there are more enemies than in the normal zone.

Levelling up your bots

Fighting and gathering loot is the only thing you have to do in this game, other than getting the bots, of course. Once you head out of your base, you will find many bots during your adventure; you can take fights and gather XP to level up your bots after each fight.

Keep an eye on the Repair Cannister energy, it is limited, and as I mentioned earlier, this energy will help heal your bots once they have taken a hit.

Each bot can be levelled up to AI Level 5; the XP gained is wasted once it reaches that level. So, it is recommended you take bots that are not levelled up yet to increase their AI level. To increase your probability of winning in fights, you can use a higher level bot along with a lower level bot.

Once you hit the “Level up!” button, you will be presented with a skill tree that you can unlock. This will upgrade your bot’s abilities, the skills can vary from high damage, to blocking ability or running around faster etc.

You can further level up your bots physically by heading to the boat which is unlocked by completing quests offered by Dad.

You can also upgrade your Botpack – Fuse the abilities to unlock a newer set of rare abilities.

Almost everything has some utility and requires upgrades at some point in time. Like upgrading Bots and the botpack, you will be required to upgrade your boat and recruits which we will cover in a separate guide.

Fusing botpack abilities will upgrade them.

Complete Main Quest and Contracts

Main Quests will help you understand the game what the storyline is about. Most of the things covered in the main quests are self-explanatory, and there’s not much to talk about it. Just play through, and you will figure it out.

Contracts will unlock once you talk to the Mayor of the Town. You can complete these contracts to get loot and XP. After completing these contracts, you will be rewarded with loot. Contracts also have a time limit.

Few examples of contracts:

  • Defeat some enemy
  • Find something on the map
  • Resuce civilians
  • and more.

Botworld Adventure FAQ

Is Botworld Adventure on iOS?

Yes, the game is available on both Android and iOS.

How do you play Botworld?

You can play it on your mobile phone or PC using Bluestacks.

Is there PvP in Botworld?

While the main game focuses more on the PvE side. There also a PvP arena that players can get access to later on.

When did Botworld release?

Botworld Adventure was in development for more than five years. The game was finally published by the developers on October 13th 2020.

This was our beginner’s guide on Botworld Adventure. I hope we helped you out. You can check our category for the game to find more guides. We also have a mobile gaming section for guides on different games.

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