Fix Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone – installing shaders to optimize performance bug

Last Updated on October 28, 2022

Fix Modern Warfare 2 installing shaders – If you’re here chances are that you have encountered the “Shader Installation” Bug. This is when installing shaders progress is halted or really slow for some players.

Click here if you are having lagging and performance-related issues

The first time you install the game installing shaders process will happen. This will take a lot of time, around 20-25 minutes for those using HDDs, and should go away. However, if the bar is stuck, then you’ve encountered the bug. In this article, let’s find out how to fix this problem or if there’s a workaround or not.

Fix MW2 – Stuck/Slow installing shaders progress

Scan and Repair Files

For Users

MW2 is a game on Launcher. To verify the game, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Modern Warfare 2 Icon
  2. Locate the Gear Button located right next to “Play.”
  3. Now, click “Scan and Repair” and then click “Begin Scan.”
  4. The launcher will now start looking for any broken or corrupted files.

For Steam Users:

  1. Open Steam and click on the Library tab.
  2. Right-click on Modern Warfare 2 and select Properties.
  3. Click on the Local Files tab > click on the Verify Integrity of Game Files… button.
  4. Steam will start verifying the game files and will fix any corrupted ones it finds.

Restart Shader Installation

To do this:

  • Press F3 > Go to Quick Settings > Select Graphics
  • In the display window, scroll down a little and locate “Restart Shaders Optimization”

This will start the shader optimization process again. Let it complete and then start your missions. Your game might crash too during this process, if it happens, launch the game in safe mode and start the optimization process again.

Reinstall the game

If the other ways don’t work for you, then the last resort would be reinstalling the game. The process for uninstalling the game on both Steam and Battle Launcher is straightforward.

Type Apps in Windows Search Bar > Type Modern Warfare 2 and click on uninstall.

Modern Warfare 2 is gathering raving reviews from every single gaming publication. This might be one of the best Call of Duty games ever made, both the multiplayer and the story mode is great. Have you been playing the game lately? – Do comment below and let me know.

These are community fixes and traditional tweaks that have been working for years for almost all games. If you still face issues, contact Activision Support or wait until the devs push a hotfix.

I have already written a guide on fixing performance issues in MW2, you can read it. For more MW2 Guide head here.

Call of Duty® | Modern Warfare II is available on Playstation and PC via Steam.


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3 thoughts on “Fix Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone – installing shaders to optimize performance bug”

    • Me too. It’s very annoying. I let the update complete each time but the next time I fire the game up its the same thing again.

  1. When the game doesn’t crash on me and I’m not waiting for shaders to install it is super fun. Just hope activision fixes all the quality of life issues that a lot of PC players are experiencing.


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