Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bugs – is there a fix?

Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bug – After various hiccups, I was finally able to access the game. From there on, I started various crackling voices while playing. It was incredibly annoying, other players are also facing this issue.

Only a few users are facing this issue that is why this problem is not getting reported. I’ve myself opened and sent a ticket to Rockstar Games to look into this. I will update this article with the update that they send me, keep an eye out till then.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bugs

The crackling sound started when I was playing the first mission, I completed the whole mission with this irritating weird voice. The good thing is it didn’t happen in the second mission or while free-roaming. It might have something to do with the first mission only.

As of now, I am not sure what is the culprit and the only thing you can do is report this to Rockstar Games Support. I will be keeping an eye out on troubleshooting forums and Reddit so that you can be updated right away.

Are you facing this issue while playing the game? Comment below and let me know.