Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bugs – is there a fix?

Last Updated on November 9, 2019

Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bug – After various hiccups, I was finally able to access the game. From there on, I started various crackling voices while playing. It was incredibly annoying, other players are also facing this issue.

Only a few users are facing this issue that is why this problem is not getting reported. I’ve myself opened and sent a ticket to Rockstar Games to look into this. I will update this article with the update that they send me, keep an eye out till then.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bugs

The crackling sound started when I was playing the first mission, I completed the whole mission with this irritating weird voice. The good thing is it didn’t happen in the second mission or while free-roaming. It might have something to do with the first mission only.

As of now, I am not sure what is the culprit and the only thing you can do is report this to Rockstar Games Support. I will be keeping an eye out on troubleshooting forums and Reddit so that you can be updated right away.

Are you facing this issue while playing the game? Comment below and let me know.

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15 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Bugs – is there a fix?”

  1. Yeah I do have the same problem, the only sound I hear is the double barrel shotgun at the begining but after that I dont hear anything at all appart those ”crumbling” noise once and again. pretty upsetting thinking that I paid the game and there’ that much problems …

  2. I don’t have any sound at all. All i can hear is the bullet right after you start the game. Rest of the game has no sound at all.

  3. I hear 2 gunshots when i start the game before the main loading screen where i choose if i want to play story/online, then after choosing either i cant hear any sounds at all

  4. I’m having the same issue currently. I’m not sure if this is a VULKAN issue. I switched mine graphics settings from VULKAN to DX12 and that seemed to help. See if that helps you. Seems PERFECT after I did it. You will have to restart the game but it should help. I thought Vulkan was for the new RTX cards. See if that helps you.

  5. Yes, I have the same issue and its not just during missions, it’s when any specific sound is playing in the background that includes trains passing, certain music, and so on. I’m not sure how to fix it, maybe if we had more options within the launcher and/or the audio within the game we could help figure out how to fix this issue. I’m currently working on changing and arranging the audio settings with as many possible combinations of them all as I can to help narrow it down. Anyway, thanks for posting, I had no clue anyone else was having this issue I’m just freaking glad I was able to play at launch (As well I should thanks to the 8k dollar #Xidax pc I have lol). I have no clue why any AAA title has a single issue on launch but we as avid gamers need to start demanding more from developers because until we do something, nothing will ever change for the better. It will only get worse. They will continue just half-assing it until they just stop making sales like they do. They know we’re going to purchase the games, and some of us (including me) will purchase the game multiple times for different platforms…I’m a fool for purchasing this game two times but guess what, since I’m a disabled veteran and deal with spine injury problems, I have nothing better to do during the day because I’m unable to do much else but that’s neither here nor there and it’s just something I take serious because I am a huge gaming fan. I passed it on to my son and I’m glad!

  6. I am having a similar issue. I will be playing the game and then all the sudden the audio will go out like you describe. I then have to reinitialize my audio and it goes back to normal. (I use voicemeter so I just re click my audio source and it fixes itself.) Also, the audio channels will all the sudden go wonky and left will be right and front will be back. That is usually also when my audio goes to crap.

  7. Yep, same issue for me. Just started the game for the first time and have this crackling sound when starting a new game. I didnt even make it to mission 2 yet, trying to find a fix before… but maybe I should endure. THanks for giving me hope! 🙂 What are your sound drivers? I am using Creative Sound BlasterX G6.

  8. with my problem it crashes when im on a different sound setting, and when i change it to the sound setting that i can hear on the game crashes. it seems to me that this problem is not fixable we will just have to wait for a patch. contact rock star so they know about the problem. or even so if it doesnt get fixed get a refund.


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