Fix Red Dead Redemption 2: Verifying Game Ownership Failed

Last Updated on November 5, 2019

Verifying Game Ownership Failed – Okay after the miserable decrypting of the game and wasting a lot of time. I started getting this “Verifying Game Ownership Failed” error. I bought the game, so I do own it. This was very irritating and I tried looking around for a fix for this.

Let’s find out if there’s a fix or not.

Fix Verifying Game Ownership Failed

Error while launching the game

I tried doing a few things to fix this issue, it’s obviously related to licensing and Rockstar Games launcher. After doing all this I was able to launch my game without any problem.

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Start with logging in and out of the Rockstar Games launcher, this seems to have fixed the issue for some users.

Verify Game Files

Whenever any error pops out for a game, the first thing you should do is verify the game files using the game launcher. Almost every launcher nowadays has an option to verify and download files.

Delete Social Club Files and Reinstall Launcher

Immediate Fix: This worked for me. Go to Rockstart Launcher Settings > Account Information > Delete Local Profile.

  • Head to the official website of Social Club to verify if the site is working or not
  • Redownload Social Club/Launcher and install it from the official download link
  • Try logging in and launching the game, if the issue is still there, continue reading
  • Go to the Social Club Installation Folder
C:/Users/YourUsername/Documents/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2/Profiles/Profilename/pc_settings.bin
  • Now delete the pc_settings.bin file.
  • Go to Rockstar launcher settings > Account Information > Delete Local Profile
  • Open ” C:/Users/YourUsername/Documents/” and delete “Social Club” Folder.

This will remove any conflicting files or installations.

These are the things that I did to fix my issue. Hopefully, it works out for you too.

The issues can also be related to server load. If too many people are trying to access the game at the same time, problems are bound to happen. I would advise you to wait or contact Rockstar Games if the issue doesn’t get fixed.

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4 thoughts on “Fix Red Dead Redemption 2: Verifying Game Ownership Failed”

  1. Afternoon hope all is well. i’m having a seperate issue to what you guys have posted so far. i click on play & the game begins to load. as soon as i get to the screen with 2 shotgun shells, the game crashes saying “error, red dead redemption 2 has exited unexpectedly”. do you guys have any tips on resolving this please? best regards

  2. Holy crap, thank you. I was so pissed for 30mins. Just deleting local files or what-have-you through Social Club fixed it. You are an angel, live a happy and full life.


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