Fix The Outer Worlds – Game Keeps On Crashing

Last Updated on November 26, 2019

Outer Worlds – Game Keeps On Crashing – The Outer Worlds has been out for a few hours, I’ve been playing it. The world is beautiful, the RPG tone has been set correctly, there are a lot of things to do. Huge story mode and the best part, the stupid choices that we can make.

The Outer Worlds – Game Keeps On Crashing Fix

While trying to launch the game, I had three instances of crashing on my Ryzen 1600 with 1080ti.

  • Ryzen 1600 with 1080ti – Crashed on Character Loading Screen
  • 8700 with Nvidia RTX 2060 – Crashes right after launching the game
  • i5 9600 with Nvidia RTX 2060 Super – Unable to get past the title screen

There are two ways you can fix this

Start with capping your FPS to 60. Someone in the comment section had success with doing this. If you are facing crashing issue in the last mission of the game, shoot the enemies while standing outside the door. Don’t enter until all enemies are eliminated.

Method 1 – Turn off Overclocking

If you’re facing the crashing issue with your game, then I’d recommend you to check for any overclocking related apps running. 9 out of 10 times, the problem is caused by MSI Afterburner or the Zotac Firestorm. Turning them off or toning down the overclocking settings should fix the problem.

There are videos on YouTube that you can check if you are having trouble turning any of these things off.

Method 2 – Reinstall The Game

Reinstalling the game fixed the issue for me in one instance where there was no overclocking involved. You can check if it works for you.

If both of these are not working for you then I’d recommend you wait for the hotfix that the developers will be pushing. It might take a few hours or days, but we don’t really have any other option apart from waiting. Seems like this is only happening with the Xbox game pass owners.

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17 thoughts on “Fix The Outer Worlds – Game Keeps On Crashing”

  1. Yeah i have a
    CPU:Ryzen 7 2700x
    RAM:16gb Gskill Ripjaw V
    PSU:Apevia 700 watt

    And i can play for not even 5 minutes and it crashes to my desktop every time i thought it was my drivers so i updated them nothing they need a hotfix bad.

  2. Crashing while sneaking in the labs to get the chemicals. Tried different routes, limiting fps, etc. Game broken for me until this is fixed.

  3. GTX 1080 i7 – crashes a few seconds after launch ever time. Tried both EPIC and Windows Game store versions. Running on 5120×1440 . Reinstallted game , reinstalled windows to a gresh install . nothing works.

    • Bro, try disabling all overclocks!!! I reinstalled graphics drivers, nothing, no settings but the FPS limit worked. Undoing the GPU overclock solved everything.

  4. It was my overclock!!! Thank you, I had forgotten it was just like this – sudden crashes, one year ago, when I was fine tuning the overclock! I’m on a gigabyte 2080Ti on water – not supposed to crash but it was. Thank you!!!

  5. Having the same issue during the Brave New World mission, I got my copy via the epic games store. It only took me 11 hours of gameplay (reading most info I pass by on terminals, notebooks, etc) having completed about 80% of the quests I encountered
    I thought the game would really develop as we went along and that my choices really mattered but both aspects feel very hollow compared to New Vegas, despite this matter of action/consequence being the main selling point for this game. Way too short as is, cant wait for them to try and have us pay more for DLC

  6. I set my graphics to “High” and FPS to “60”. I was able to play for about an hour before it crashed, now I can’t get passed the loading screen when I reboot the game.

  7. In my case, on 3700x and 2060s – Nvidia Fast Sync was a problem, disabling it in the Nvidia control panel solved the problem of random crashes of Outer Worlds.

  8. My game crashes every 5 till 10 minutes having Hyper-threading on. It does not crash with Hyper-threading turned off in my case, cpu and gpu still overclocked. With ht disabled the game runs like a charm.
    System W3690 gtx 1070


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