How To Fix COD MW 2019 – Error Code SPAN

Last Updated on October 25, 2019

Fix Error Code SPAN in COD MW 2019 – The open-beta and private access ended sometime back, people were pretty happy with the overall performance and gameplay altogether. The full release is on October 25th and this will be way different compared to the beta release, probably furnished. But, AAA titles have a reputation of having issues on release, but these are fixed with time. Open beta had several problems, even with RTX 2070 with Core i7 8700, I was lagging and stuttering in Ground War.

In this article, we’ll find out how to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Span Error Code and Stuttering related issues. The developers know about this issue as people have been posting them on Reddit and the MW forums, and should be fixed within a few hours or days.

Fix Error Span in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

This error is caused due to download problems, whenever you disconnect or connect to a game certain files or data is downloaded from the Modern Warfare servers. If for some reason the connection breaks, you will get this error.

If you want everything to be clear from your side, troubleshoot your connection. Check if any packets are dropping, or maybe you are having download and upload speed hogging related issues. At last, restart your modem and try the game again. This fixes the issue most of the time.

This can also be due to the launch day load, and servers being fully loaded at the moment. Due to which they are not able to handle the number of requests. Activision is requesting people to report their issues via support tickets so they can troubleshoot the error.

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