The Outer Worlds Attributes Guide

Last Updated on October 21, 2019

Outer Worlds Attributes Guide – The Outer World release is around the corner. No one has been able to get their hands on the game yet, however, a few things about the game have been revealed already, thanks to the preview build. A YouTuber named MrMattyPlays has already uploaded a full 24-minute video explaining everything.

Do keep in mind that the information mentioned in this article might differ from the public release. I will update the article accordingly.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Outer World Attributes

These perks will determine how your character works and performs in the game. All the perks mentioned in the picture above vary from average to high, you’ll have to adjust it accordingly. For example: if you start off with a high charm, this will mean that your speech skills are going to be higher compared to others going for damage. As said earlier, this will be completely dependent on the build you are going for.

Attributes are categorized as Body, Mind, and Personality. Each of these will affect your skills. Upgrade them accordingly and check if the attributes you unlock are synergizing well with whatever build you are working with.


AttributeDetailsAffected Skills
StrengthGives you more melee damage and increase the amount you can carryOne-handed Melee, two-handed Melee, Heavy weapons, Intimidate, Inspiration, Block
DexterityGrant more melee attack speed and also boosts the reload speed of ranged weapons.One-handed Melee, Handguns, Block, Sneak, Lockpick, Dodge.


AttributeDetailsAffected Skill
IntelligenceIncreases critical hit damagePersuade, Hack, Medical, Science, Determination, Long guns.
PerceptionPerception affects headshot and weakspot damage bonusesHandguns, Long Guns, Heavy weapons, Dodge, Lockpick, Engineering


Attribute Details Affected Skill
CharmAffects faction reputation and companion ability cooldownsPersuade, Lie, Intimidate, Hack, Science, Inspiration
Temperament Improves natural health regeneration2-Handed melee, Lie, Sneak, Medical, Engineering, Determination

Which Attributes should I unlock?

  • Strength – Good
  • Dexterity – Good
  • Intelligence – Good
  • Perception – Average
  • Charm – High
  • Temperament – Good

Every time you level up, you’ll gain 10 skill points that you can spend on the skill tree.

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