The Outer Worlds – Crash in “Brave New World” Mission

Hours of playthrough, farming the right guns, slotting the right attributes and unlocking skills. Then you come across this game-breaking bug during the “Brave New World” mission. Is there a fix for it? Let’s find out.

Fix The Outer Worlds Crashing on “Brave New World” Mission

So the game actually crashes when you head inside the room by accessing the terminal where Chairman Rockwell is. The crash is almost happening to everyone and there seems to be no fix for it as of yet. However, there’s a workaround.

To complete the mission, just go near the door, open it but don’t head inside. Takedown Captain Rockwell and the Robots while standing outside. Once you are done, you will be able to head inside and progress accordingly. This certainly is a game-breaking bug and will create problems for nontechnical players, I myself have reported this issue to the devs.

This should be fixed pretty soon as this is happening to a lot of players. This is the last mission of the game so there’s nothing much left to do after this.