Fix The Outer Worlds Game Looks Blurry, Disable TAA & DOF

The Outer Worlds Game Looks Blurry – There are numerous problems with the game at the moment, we can’t blame the developers since they can’t do testing at this volume right away. When I started playing the game, I had a feeling that this game looks way too blurry, and there was no option in settings to turn this thing down.

Do read this if you are facing crashing issues in the Outer Worlds.

Fix The Outer Worlds Game Looks Blurry

The game looks blurry and weird due to TAA and DOF that you can turn off. There’s no option for the same in the settings so we’ll tweak a few files.

Fix for Xbox Game Pass Owners

#1 – First locate where the game is installed the default location is

Location for Xbox Game Pass owners


#2 – This is where you will find the Engine.ini file, edit it

Add to Engine.ini (under whatever you have in there):



After editing the file (Xbox game pass) this is how it should look

Fix for Epic Games Users

Location for Epic Games users


Epic Users can change their file settings to


#3 – Save the file. You can set the file to read-only mode to make sure that the game doesn’t change automatically.

This should fix the blurriness issue in the Outer Worlds. The game is beautiful as it is and the blur effects make it look weird.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out. We’ve already written troubleshooting related articles related to the Outer Worlds that you can check:

That’s all.


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