V Rising – How To Get Scales for T3 Armor

Last Updated on June 3, 2022

The new survival game in town, called V Rising, has already made a name for itself. In V Rising, your player has to survive in the harsh world as a vampire. The game is full of magical powers and combat with tons of enemies and bosses in the wild. Build your castle in an ever-changing open world full of mystery. The gothic world is full of dangers and horrors where you will dominate the night but must fear the light.

T3 armor is the end-game armor of V Rising. Like all end-game armor in survival games, this armor requires a lot of T3 resources to craft. Scales are one of those resources. I came across Scales as a requirement first while trying to craft the Dawn Thorn Set.

This article will tell you where you can find Scales in V Rising to craft T3 armor.

How To Get Scales for T3 Armor in V Rising

There are three ways by which you can get Scales:

Fishing for Scales

Look out for these blue areas across the map for fishing locations.

While fishing will give you a lot of resources and recipes, it’s always a hit and miss. You also need to be perfect with hitting the fish with the Fishing Rod. When you hit the fish there’s a chance that you might get scales as a reward. Since most of the resource drops are location-based, scales might not even drop for you.

Fishing is only recommended when you are not leveled or equipped to take down monsters or spiders. If you can do that, continue reading; there’s a better way.

Spider Cave

Spider Cave Loot:

  • Silkworm
  • Scales

This is the best place to farm for Scales consistently. You will find plenty of spiders to take down and will be rewarded with Scales. The important loot tooltip already mentions that this is the area where the resource drops.

This area can turn competitive in PvP servers, I haven’t tried a PvP server yet, but I heard that the place is crowded with other users.

Frog & Worms Swamp Area

You will find plenty of fish, frogs, and worms in this area. Take them down and collect the resources.

If you’re in the mood for farming scales, keep farming them for a while. You will need around 2500-3000 scales to repair your armor and craft better armor for your servants.

V has turned out great for an Early Access title; almost everything is created well apart from some crashing and performance issues.

This was our guide on farming scales in V Rising. Comment below if it helped you out.

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