How to Farm & Craft Ghost Yarn – V Rising

Last Updated on June 3, 2022

Stunlock Studios’ newest Vampire Survival title V Rising requires players to gather a variety of items while playing the game to craft new gear and take down stronger enemies. Ghost Yarn is one such late-game item that players often face difficulties while trying to collect.

Once you’ve reached the end-game you will need quite a lot of rare resources. These resources will be required to upgrade armor, weapons, and all other important things that you need to progress.

In this guide, we’re gonna take a look at the places where you can collect Ghost Yarn in V Rising. 

Ghost Yarn Farming Locations in V Rising

To Farm Ghost Yarn in V Rising, players must first make their way to the Cursed Forest, as it is the only region in the entire game from where Ghost Yarn can be obtained. It is located towards the Northern Part of the map. 

Once there, players need to look out for the two Ancient Villages. When you manage to find an Ancient Village, start killing all the enemies that spawn there and looting all the chests to get a chance of obtaining Ghost Yarn in V Rising. 

Once you clear out an Ancient Village, you can head over to the next Village and start slaying mobs and looting chests there. Each mob and chest has a small chance of dropping Ghost Yarn. Once the second Ancient Village is cleared, the enemies of the first Village should have already respawned, so you can rinse and repeat the process till you get the number of Ghost Yarn that you want. 

How to Craft Ghost Yarn in V Rising

Craft Ghost Yarn in V Rising:

If you don’t like grinding mobs, V Rising also provides you with the option to craft some Ghost Yarn for yourself. To craft Ghost Yarn, you’ll first need the Ghost Yarn recipe that can be obtained by slaying Ungora the Spider Queen, a level 60 V Blood boss. She spawns near the Ancient Village. 

Once you have the recipe, you’ll need to create a Loom in your Castle. This can be done after you defeat Beatrice the Tailor in the Blood Altar. 

When your Loom has finished building, you’ll need the following ingredients to make 1 Ghost Yarn:

  • 4 Cotton Yarn
  • 8 Ghost Shrooms

Both of these items can be obtained in the Cursed Forest, and it takes two minutes to create one Ghost Yarn once you put these items in the Loom. 

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