WWE 2K20 Black Screen, Stuck on Loading Fix

Last Updated on October 23, 2019

WWE 2K20 was released today on Steam by 2K, the game isn’t going where the developers wanted it to. The reviews are pretty bad, the ratings are mostly negative as of writing this article. The game also has a lot of issues, such as lag and long loading times.

Update: #FixWWE2K20 is now trending on Twitter as players report their issues.

Some of the issues are black screen in universe mode, lagging in between fights, unable to upload scanned photos, no stamina and red health, broken animations. News sites have reported that this issue will be fixed with the 20GB first-day patch that 2k will be publishing soon.

WWE 2K20 Black Screen, Stuck on Loading Fix

Fix WWE 2k20 Stuck on Loading

You might get stuck on loading after configuring everything in the Universe Mode. This issue has been reported already in 2K Forums and Reddit and the developers are already looking into it. The fix for this should be issued within today. Some news sites have reported a first-day patch of around 20GB which should fix most of the problems.

Fix WWE 2K20 Black Screen

Random Black Screen in WWE 2K20 is also one of the main problems at the moment. There are no fixes available as the main source of the problem is unknown, as said earlier the incoming patch should fix it.

Pretty sad about the failure of this iteration of WWE, hope 2k learns and fixes everything soon or they’ll have to deal with a lot of refunds.

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