Best Reticle Color Settings for Apex Legends from Pro Players

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Are you looking for the best reticle color to use in Apex Legends? – Worry no more, we have compiled the best ones out there.

Apex is undoubtedly one of the most famous games ever made; the game has never dropped from the top charts ever since its release back in 2019. Each player has a different play style, settings, and config that they choose for themselves. We already have articles up for best launch options to use and performance improvements, do check them out to get an edge on your opponents.

While the default red reticle offers the best visibility on almost every map, I still feel like the custom reticle settings I used has improved my Wingman aim a lot. I can also see clearly in well-lit areas, thanks to the glowing outlines. I also use custom binds to change the colors using a custom config file which we will discuss at the end of this article.

How To Change the Crosshair Color?

There are two ways you can change the color:

  • Steam or Origin Launch options
  • In-Game Settings

In-Game Menu

  • Launch Apex Legends
  • Go to game settings and scroll down and locate “reticle”
  • Click on Customize

A new screen will open up, where you can select colors like shown below:

You can use the sliders or input the RGB values in the boxes. There are four recommended colors too that you can choose from. Don’t worry about them, we have better options.

Using Launch Options in Steam and Origin

  • For Origin: Go to My Game Library > Right click on Apex Legends > Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options
  • For Steam: Head to your Library and located Apex Legends > Right-click Properties > Under Launch Options

Now that you know how to change the launch options, here is the command you have to use.

+reticle_color “0 0 0”

Let’s move on to the next section where we talk about the best colors.

Best Custom Reticle Colors

Update: Turns out Apex devs have disabled Neon and Reticles with Hex Value outside of the 0-255 range. This means we are left out with basic choices. You can use the recommended panel in reticle settings in-game:

  • Launch Apex Legends
  • Go to game settings and scroll down and locate “reticle”
  • Click on Customize

The color name and values are given below:

Now that we don’t have the old neon and glowing colors, here are some used by a few Apex Pros.

  • ShivFPS – White (25,25,25)
  • iitzTimmy – Red (255,0,0)

Old colours with images are given below. We also have a reticle.cfg file creation method at the end of this article that will let you change colors without going to settings.

#1: Light Blue with Dark Blue Glow

-255 255 800

#2: Glowing Green

-255 355 150

#3: Dark Purple with Glow

0 0 500

#4: White with Purplish Glow

255 255 1000

#5: Glowing Green

300 500 -255

#6: Glowing Orange

600 300 0

Bonus Color: Neon Blue

-255 255 1255

Change Reticle Colors without going into the settings menu?

You can change colors easily by heading to your game settings, but testing them one by one will take time. Thanks to Reddit user TorjeSpeedruns’s config, you can change the colors without going to the settings menu.

Step 1 – Add this command to your launch options

+exec reticles

Step 2: Go to local files

  • Launch Steam
  • Go to Library and Locate Apex Legends
  • Right click > Browse Local Files
  • Go to the cfg folder and create a new file called “reticles.cfg” (make sure the extension is cfg)

Step 3: Edit the reticles.cfg file

Paste the following code inside the reticles.cfg file

bind "F1" "exec reticles"
bind "H" "reticle_color 1337 420 69"
bind "J" "reticle_color -255 255 800"
bind "K" "reticle_color 655 255 455"
bind "F2" "reticle_color 0 0 0"

These are some custom reticles that Reddit users had picked. You can change them according to your liking. This file will create a bind where you can press F1 in-game and execute the reticles file. Then press the buttons one by one to change the crosshair color.

If the exec file didn’t work for you for some reason, check if you already have an autoexec in place or not. If yes, then just paste the binds in your autoexec file. Also, this is only going to work for PC users.

This was our article on picking the best reticle for Apex Legends. We hope it helped you out. Do check our Apex Legends category with more guides for the game. Also, comment below with the one you are going to use!

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