Best Hunter Void 3.0 Build for PvE & PvP

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

One of the major talking points of the Witch Queen update was the Void rework, also called Void 3.0. The builds are now even better with the mod changes and the Volatile Flow artifact mod.

Today I am writing about the best Build for Hunter using the Moebius Quiver. The Build is insane; you will blow up enemies everywhere while healing and spawning unlimited orbs. Currently, Hunters are the best and most powerful class in the game.

Bungie keeps on contradicting everything on its own. First, they nerf everything; then, with the next update, they break everything. The cycle continues, and there’s no end to it. The only way to cope is not to stick to a single build. I will update the Build here if this one gets nerfed in the coming days or weeks.

Enough of Void 3.0, changes, nerfs, and buffs. Let’s find out what the Build is:

Best Hunter Void Build for PvE

This Build revolves around using WaveSplitter as your primary weapon, mainly because it interacts so well with Orbs of Power, which you can get plenty of due to the mod changes this season.

  • Super: Moebius Quiver
  • Class Ability: Marksman Dodge
  • Void Melee: Snare Bomb
  • Grenade: Vortex Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Vanishing Step
  • Aspect #2: Stylish Executioner
  • Fragment #1: Echo of Cessation
  • Fragment #2: Echo of Undermining
  • Fragment #3: Echo of Persistence
  • Fragment #4: Echo of Starvation
  • Exotic Armor: Gryfalcon’s Hauberk
  • Exotic Weapon: Wavesplitter

Mod Setup

  • Helmet: Void Siphon, 2x Special Ammo Finder
  • Arms: Bolstering Detonation, Firepower, Font of Focus
  • Chest: Void Reserves, Consussive Dampener
  • Legs: 3x Void Surge
  • Class Item: Special Finisher, Time Dilation, and Reaper

How does this build work?

This Build will work around four buffs; 22% Void Surge, 60% Damage Increase with Wavesplitter, Devour, and Volatile Rounds. The best part is all four of these buffs can be triggered by walking over an orb of light. You will also get Void Breaches by taking down Volatile enemies granting you class ability.

The Build is super fun to use as you keep getting all your abilities back, enemies keep exploding, and you will always have your invisibility up.

Note: I was running into Special Ammo problems, which is now fixed after adding 2x Special Ammo Finder and Special Finisher.

Best Hunter Void Build for PvP [Trials of Osiris & Crucible]

Keeping all the Stand Hype aside, this season is perfect for Void Subclass.

This build requires you to use only the following things; all left-out ones can be changed according to your liking:

  • Fragment: Echo of Starvation
  • Focused Stat: 100 Recovery
  • Mod Setup: 1x Reaper in Class Item. 3x Void Weapon Surge for Legs.
  • Artifact Unlock: Volatile Flow
  • Primary Weapon: Void

How does this build work?

Every time you use an ability and take down an enemy after that, an orb will spawn. Upon consuming the orb, you will get Devour and Volatile Flow; this will help you in winning fights very quickly. Pair this with a good void weapon like Shayura’s Wrath or Palindrome; you can get flawless easily. I saw GrenaderJake using a similar build on his Stream.

I feel these are the best builds for Hunters as of now. As I mentioned, this might change due to the incoming buffs or nerfs. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

You can also check out builds for Titan and Warlock.

Comment below if you have a better build than this one. You can read more of our guides on Destiny 2; The Weekly Reset, Ascendant challenge, and the Void 3.0 Warlock Build we recently published.

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