Borderlands 3 Stuck at Claptrap Loading Screen

Last Updated on October 1, 2019

Borderlands 3 is a success, we can surely say that. The game has amazed me with the amount of content, story, guns, and humor. I’ve been playing the game for more than 3 weeks now, and I am still not bored. Farming Legendaries, finding insane Moze grenade builds, losing my save-game, all of this has been a wild ride. The only issues I would report for this game would be me being “Stuck at Claptrap Loading Screen” and getting “lagged out in PUB Games”.

In this article, we’ll find out how to fix Borderlands 3 Stuck at Claptrap Loading Screen problem.

Identifying the problem: The problem occurs when you switch from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12. This has something to do with compatibility problems with the DirectX API and the game developers have recommended users to turn this off while they investigate.

How To Fix: Borderlands stuck on Loading Screen

  • Exit all instances of Borderlands and any launcher associated (Epic Games)
  • Go to Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor
  • Edit “GamerUserSettings.ini”
  • Replace PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX12 with PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX11
  • Launch the game.

The command above should fix the issue that you are facing. The developer Gearbox has acknowledged the problem and they will be issuing a fix soon for this. Till then, stay tuned.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out.

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