Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost Secret Challenges

Last Updated on October 20, 2022

The Festival of the Lost is an annual event in Destiny 2 that comes during Halloween. This year’s Festival will take place from October 12th to November 7th. During the Festival, players can participate in several activities, including collecting candy, gathering new legendary weapons, and competing against enemies in special Haunted Lost Sectors.

This time around, we have a new sniper rifle called Mechabre. Bungie has also brought back old Festival of the lost weapons; Horror Story, Braytech Werewolf, and Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle. Horror Story was a community favorite back in the day; it was one of my favorite auto rifles.

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The challenges are not exactly secret; once you complete one run of the Haunted Lost Sector and return to Eva Levante, these will be unlocked. Make sure to pick the “Gone But Not Forgotten” Quest from Eva Levante before looking into any event activity.

Festival of the Lost Secret Challenges

Note: All of these challenges will only progress when you complete them while wearing a mask.

There are 17 challenges that players have to complete the full book.


Use a manifested page to restore a chapter in the Tales of the Forgotten.

Bookworm I (9 Pages)

Use Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the Tales of the Forgotten. Rewards: Festival of the lost T-shirt code and Event Tickets.

Bookworm II (18 Pages)

Use Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the Tales of the Forgotten. Rewards: Pulp Texture, Enhancement Cores, and Event Tickets.

Bookworm II (27 Pages)

Use Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the Tales of the Forgotten. Rewards: Coffin Nail Exotic Ship, Event Tickets, and Enhancement Prism.

Heads will roll

Defeat Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors. Rewards: 5x Spectral Page, 25x Legendary Shards, and Event Tickets.

Local Haunts

Complete Activities in the Haunted Sector Playlist. Has to be completed 3x Moon, Nessus, Europa, and EDZ. Rewards: Bread Mask, 15000 Glimmer, and Event Tickets.

Candy Corner

Earn 17,500 Candy from Activities.

Mystery Meet

Purchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva Levante.


Defeat enemies with Sniper Rifles.

Automatic Transmission

Defeat enemies with Auto Rifles.

Third Shot’s a Charm

Defeat enemies with Pulse Rifles.

Shocking Conclusion

Defeat enemies with Arc abilities.

Occult Ritual

Complete Ritual Activities like Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches while wearing a mask.

Strike the Deck

Complete Vanguard Ops or Ketchcrash Activities while wearing a mask.

Masked Bandit

Complete Crucible or Gambit matches while wearing a mask.

Happy Haunting Ground (35x)

Complete activities in the Haunted Sector Playlist.

Ghost Writer

Complete all Festival of the Lost Challenges. Rewards 1x Ascendant Shard and 1x Ascendant Alloy.

The description of all the challenges is straightforward; some of these might require you to grind a lot. But given we have almost 20 days to complete everything, I should be able to get everything.

I am aiming for the god roll Pulse Rifle and Auto Rifle. This event comes right when Bungie has decided to shift the meta a little bit by nerfing pulse rifles and buffing auto rifles a bit.

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What are your thoughts on this event?

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