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Last Updated on October 2, 2022

Ascendant Challenges are something, not every new light player might be aware of. For new players this is going to be confusing, the location rotates every week and changes with the level of the curse. In this article, we’ll find out what the Ascendant Challenge Location this week is, and how to complete it easily.

The curse affecting the dreaming city varies and switches from weak, medium, and strong. Players can identify the curse level using the visuals as they spawn into Dreaming City. You can also use Petra Venj’s location to find out what the curse level is; The Strand for Weak Curse, Divilian Mists for Medium Curse, and Rehasilvia for Strong Curse.

Do remember that you need to pop a Tincture of Queensfoil to make the ascendant portal appear in the location. The tincture only works for a session, has a 30-minute duration, and will run out if you switch maps.

Ascendant Challenge Schedule This Week (Sept 2022)

Whenever there’s a weekly reset, players are always confused about the location for the challenge. The location for this week is.

DateChallenge NameLocationCurse
Aug-23Keep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong
Aug-30Agonarch AbyssBay of Drowned WishesWeak
Sep-06Cimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium
Sep-13OuroboreaAphelion’s RestStrong
Sep-20Forfeit ShrineGardens of EsilaWeak
Sep-27Shattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium
Oct-04Keep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong
Oct-11Agonarch AbyssBay of Drowned WishesWeak
Oct-18Cimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium
Oct-25OuroboreaAphelion’s RestStrong
Nov-01Forfeit ShrineGardens of EsilaWeak
Nov-08Shattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium
Nov-15Keep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong
Nov-22Agonarch AbyssBay of Drowned WishesWeak
Nov-29Cimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium
Dec-06OuroboreaAphelion’s RestStrong
Dec-13Forfeit ShrineGardens of EsilaWeak
Dec-20Shattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium
Dec-27Keep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong

Ascendant Challenge Location

Use the table above to find the location for this week. Head to Spine of Keres to complete the Shattered Ruins Challenge.

Petra Venj Location

The curse strength is Strong, Petra can be located on Rehasilvia.

Ascendant Challenges are great for farming dreaming city exclusive weapons such as Retold Tale. Also, for farming exotics, I had a really high chance of getting exotics from the Ascendant chests. This might be good RNG, but this has happened a lot of times.

Note: You have to pick up the week’s challenge from Petra, once you have it, consume the Tincture Queensfoil. After that head to the location mentioned in the article, and there will be a black ball that you can head inside. Complete the challenge accordingly and collect your weekly reward. You can complete the challenge on all three characters.

Earlier Dreaming City used to be the best way of farming powerful gear. But, this season’s introduction of Pinnacle Gear has made everything weird, people are not liking the grind since it only rewards the hardcore players.

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