Grandmaster Nightfall This Week, Rotation & Rewards

Last Updated on August 14, 2022

GM Nightfall Season 17 – Destiny 2 has had a few big updates and changes since its release, but the Grandmaster Nightfall is one of the most exciting additions. This weekly event pits players against powerful bosses in an attempt to earn rewards that can help them breeze through the game. There are many different ways to approach this mode. Whether you’re a high-level player looking for a challenge or a beginner just trying to earn some valuable loot, there’s something for everyone in Grandmaster Nightfall.

Update: The whole schedule for Season 17 has been added to this article.

Grandmaster Nightfalls are the end-game activity in Destiny 2, arguably more challenging than the Raids. Typically nightfalls are forgiving; given you have the right loadout, you can breeze through any content in the game. But Grandmaster Nightfalls require you to have the best loadout, you can’t complete them without having the right synergy, match-game weapons, and character builds. Also, not to forget, you get the best loot available in Destiny 2 in GM nightfalls.

Grandmaster Nightfall Requirements in Season of the Haunted

To be able to access GM nightfalls during the Season of the Haunted, players have to hit Power level 1585 at least. The activity level will be 1610, so you need to grind a lot of pinnacle activities.

GM Nightfall Modifiers

  • Acute Arc Burn: +25% Arc damage dealt and +50% Arc damage received.

GM nightfalls have the strongest modifiers like Match-Game, Champions, Overlords, basically anything that’s hard to take down. On top of that, you have limited revives.

Grandmaster Nightfall Schedule July 2022 & Rewards This Week

GM nightfalls return on July 5; the information will be added here once the reset hits. 

DateStrike NameRewards
July 5Proving Grounds*Silicon Neuroma
July 12The Insight TerminusD.F.A. Hand Cannon
July 19Warden of NothingDuty Bound Auto Rifle
July 26The CorruptedHorror’s Least Pulse Rifle
August 2The Inverted SpireHothead Rocket Launcher
August 9The Arms DealerPlug One.1 Fusion Rifle
August 16Proving GroundsSilicon Neuroma

“*” = will be updated on reset day!

Burn, Shields & Champions for Each GM

StrikeAcute BurnShieldsChampions
Proving GroundsSolarArc, Solar & VoidUnstoppable & Barrier
The Insight TerminusVoidVoid & ArcUnstoppable & Barrier
Warden of NothingSolarVoid & SolarUnstoppable, Overload & Barrier
The CorruptedArcArc, Solar & VoidUnstoppable & Overload
The Inverted SpireArcArc, Solar & VoidUnstoppable & Barrier
The Arms DealerSolarSolar & VoidUnstoppable & Barrier

Rewards This Week

Update: Bungie has already sunset Palindrome, which was one of the most sought-after weapons in GM. The new weapons we will get this season are Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle & D.F.A. Hand Cannon.

Bungie has confirmed that there will be 10 weapons in the rotation. Adept weapons are rewarded upon completion, that’s the best part.

The most sought-after PvP Palindrome Hand Cannon (Adept) drops from GM nightfalls. This is certainly a reason to rejoice for the PvP tryhards. Adept weapons also have higher stats and access to Adept Mods.

Tips for Completion

There’s no secret to completing Grand Master Nightfalls efficiently. You need the right builds, synergy, and teammates. You have to carry the right weapons that can take down overlords, and champions. There’s a match game modifier so you also need void, solar, and Arc weapons to break enemy shields.

Taking cover from enemies is another essential thing because you will get one shot by many enemies in GM Nightfalls.

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls: Loadout Recommendations

We are working on a build guide for the GM Nightfalls. However, here are the best weapons that you can use.

Champion Options for S17

  • Barrier: Sidearm, Pulse Rilfe and Arbalest.
  • Overload: Trace Rifle, Auto-Rifle and Submachine Guns.
  • Unstoppable: Glaive, Scout Rifle or Devil’s Ruin.

Primary Weapons

  • Long Range weapons that can take down enemies from range. It would be best if you took a Scout or Bow to take care of the champions. Scouts are the only anti-barrier weapon this Season.
  • There are a lot of great bows to choose from; my favourite is Ticu’s Divination. You can take Trinity Ghoul or the new bow this Season.
  • Someone from your team should also take a Pulse Rifle to Stun Unstoppable Champions. There are a lot of great weapons to choose from; Piece of Mind, Syncopation-53, or Cold Denial.

Special Weapons

  • Damage Dealing weapons like Fusion Rifles or Grenade Launchers is something we recommend. You can use a grenade launcher that rolls with the Blinding Grenades perk; this can come in clutch during fights. The blinding effect blinds the enemies for a few seconds.
  • Eriana’s Vow is another excellent option, the intrinsic perk Barrier Champions. This will be a great option during the Season of the Risen.
  • Any Sniper with Firing-Line can be a good option, but you risk getting wiped out if all of you stick together.

Heavy Weapons

  • One Thousand Voices
  • Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher
  • Linear Fusion Rifles like Reed’s Regret.
  • Swords can also be used, but that should be your last option. You risk getting one shot by enemies. But a guardian has their choices.


Is there matchmaking in grandmaster nightfall?

No, there’s no matchmaking in GM Nightfall.

What is the Time Limit in Grand Master Nightfall?

There’s a 45-minute time limit in GM Nightfalls. Once you hit the timer, you won’t be able to revive your teammates and will be returned to the Orbit once wiped.

That’s all for the Grandmaster Nightfall this week. I am excited to get my hands on the Palindrome Hand Cannon finally. Are you excited?

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